Time to Clean House!

Literally. I mean that literally. Rather than sitting here writing, I should be picking up, tossing out, throwing in the laundry…you get the idea. I was house sitting for six weeks, and came home only periodically. When I did, it was generally to dump something into one room or the other, and leave.

me and walter
Me and Walter

I didn’t plan to do things that way. But first my computer crashed, and all that equipment is sitting in a pile in the corner, along with the box the new laptop came in (and the DVD player box…it’s a slim laptop with no DVD playing capabilities…grrrr). Then I learned Hancock Fabrics is going out of business, so I bought a few yards of fabric at a great discount, and that’s sitting in a couple of bags on top of the sewing machine table. Not to mention I haven’t completely unpacked from house sitting.

But this has been a good thing. I finally was able to get my tooth fixed properly, and when my computer crashed I could afford a new laptop. Now I’ve got a small savings account toward all the things I need to get in the near future and any kitty-cat emergencies. It’s a lot easier to save when you’ve got some savings started.

Life is good right now. Yes, there are some question marks. But I have my friends, my cats and hope, and that’s enough.



5 Replies to “Reflections”

  1. It’s lovely to see your picture there with Walter. Saving some money is a great thing, but it can lead to some chaos when you’re too busy to organize. I’ve been there. But extra money is very freeing and it sounds like everything is well under control. Congratulations on being in a good place. That’s a big thing!

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  2. The house-sitting job provides necessary extra income, so don’t beat yourself up for not getting things done at your own place! Break the big job down into smaller tasks and do it over a few days, so you still have your leisure time (writing, kitty, etc.) Making time for the things that renew our mental & physical energy are important…so, don’t feel guilty!

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  3. Right there with you girlfriend! My PC finally crashed-got a new one and an external hard drive that I’ve been dying to have for the past 12 years. Spending the day transferring almost 2decades of digital files onto my new external. Figured while the files are loading from one spot to the next I would be productive. Shredding old bills and moving my “sell” items into the attic until I have gone through everything and have decided what sells where (online/yard sale). Productive days we seem to be having 😄

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