“Proper” Wisdom

A high school teacher once told me, “the true meaning of sophistication is knowing what to do in the situation you’re in.

Admittedly, that doesn’t make me any more sophisticated than with the popular definition, but it does give an added dimension to the ideas of sophistication, elegance and grace.

AdobeStock_96443843 [Converted] c geosap nbgHow many of us have been in a social situation in which we feel like a duck out of water, surrounded by graceful, sleek panthers? They slide from one individual to the next, mysterious, powerful and so, so pretty, while we waddle and quack.

Maybe the best thing to do is find a party for ducks. If true sophistication is knowing what to do where you are, maybe leaving is the most gracious option available to you.

That’s not failure. For one thing, some people are naturally more comfortable in a social situation. I’m generally not one of those people. I like my small groups and familiar situations. I can survive in a crowd, but I’m probably not having fun.

adobestock_101089233-convertedWhen to make an entrance, how to make an entrance, and when & how to exit are prime social skills. If you’ve got those down, record that under “elegance.”

And just think how awkward those panthers would feel at a party for ducks. Assuming they don’t eat us alive…

Image Credit: © Geosap — Fotolia

5 Replies to ““Proper” Wisdom”

  1. This was very thought-provoking, Belinda. I was thinking about how to respond. There are attractive people with excellent social skills – but the panthers I envisioned with your writing were people who were superficial and well practiced at bland socializing. True depth, wisdom and wit can come from a duck – the part that I want to hold onto is that appearance and awkwardness are not what matters; only if practiced superficiality is the standard.

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    1. I was writing about feelings as much as anything else. If you’re a duck, you may be very socially skilled around other ducks, but totally at a loss with panthers. And panthers presumably would be uncomfortable with ducks. But this is a short post with a narrow focus. Social skills are much more complex!

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