A few quick thoughts about this thing called blogging…

The best part of blogging is meeting all the wonderful people I’ve connected with in the last two years. There’s a certain anonymity about writing a blog that I think allows us to open up in ways we might not feel comfortable doing face to face.  Through that, we gain friends and support. Friends we may never meet but who we care deeply about just the same.

About image penA few days ago I wrote a post about skin cancer, a cautionary piece about this serious disease. Through it I’ve been reminded of one former co-worker who lost her eight-year-old son to that disease. It was an extremely rare case, and they had the best doctors in the nation caring for him. As happens so often in someone that young and otherwise healthy, it was also a very aggressive case.

She’s doing well now, has re-married a fantastic man, but never had any more children.

Cancer sucks.

I also have a new follower, Jo, who is in her twenties and has been living with melanoma for 11 years now. Please check out her blog, Melanoma Jo, to learn her story. I understand from one of her posts that she is part of an upcoming BBC documentary. I’m looking forward to seeing it!

Thank you to all of my followers, new and “old.” I try to check out everyone’s blog from time to time, and I apologize if I don’t get to yours right away. I will see it soon! If you leave comments on my blog, I’m certain to get back to you more quickly. That is, if I can link to your blog through your gravatar. That’s often the only way I have of finding you, so I encourage you to list your blog(s) there.

See you in the blogosphere!

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12 Replies to “A few quick thoughts about this thing called blogging…”

  1. Oh, Belinda–8 years old and gone from melanoma? That breaks my heart. And at the other end of the spectrum, an 11-year survivor. Thanks so much for posting this. Going to check out Melanoma Jo right now. You ARE a very caring person and I thank you so much for that. Hugs to you.

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  2. Hi, Belinda. Miss reading your posts. As we increase our friendships on this blogging journey, it is true that we don’t have the luxury of reading all the posts everyone submits. I have been going through so much but it has not been without the support of my blogging family. I may not have commented all the time (which I love to do), but I would like to add my thanks to yours for the valuable friendships. And, I would like to say to anyone who thinks no one is reading, they are. Just keep sharing on this journey because you never know whose life is impacted by your words for life changes.

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