Life is Bigger (A guest post)

One of my longest-running blogging friendships is with Arpita Pramanick, a young woman living in India who is diligently pursuing a career as a writer. She has a new book coming out soon, “How I Tamed the Dragon Named Fear,” and as a way of promoting its release, she invited some of her fellow bloggers to write on the topic of fear. Here’s my contribution. I’m very proud of Arpita for her determination as a writer and the accomplishment of completing a book!


Today is the final post of the series of guest posts on fear. Today’s blogger is Belinda, someone I have known through the blogoworld for sometime now. I really enjoy her wonderful posts and her insights into life and I am happy to provide a peek into her thoughts through this post. Thank you Belinda for bringing out the silver lining around fear via this post.

||Guest Post||

Contributor: Belinda O.

october-2016I encourage my cats’ fear of strangers, at least, I don’t discourage it. If a stranger comes to the door, particularly someone carrying tools and wires or other unknown entities, the cats hightail it down the stairs and under the bed. There they’ll stay until they’re certain it’s safe, and if they fall asleep (which they often do), even longer than that.

Fear helps keep my cats safe. If I’m not home, I want them hiding if a…

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  1. Belinda is incredible and I have faith that your cat will continue to be safe. Belinda, you were one of my first followers and it would be incredible to hear some of your thoughts on my latest material. If you have the time your feedback on Lardy Arms… Queen Kong and I and rutjob would be excellent

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