Let it Shine

In the past week, several women I work with were facing illnesses, some serious, some not. They all had their concerns and found it difficult to work, but plugged away, at least one to her detriment.

She was frightened of losing her job because she’d taken too much time off. It’s not that she doesn’t believe she could find another; she knows she could. But she likes her job, is content with the environment and culture, and most particularly, really likes her supervisor. She knows that doesn’t always happen and she doesn’t want to lose it.

I listened to her, and I listened to another woman with serious back problems who is optimistic there are viable options to relieve her pain. While in the ladies’ room, I talked to a woman who spoke little English, but understood it well, about her family in Mexico, some of whom were hit by the earthquake last month.  They are all alive, with only minor injuries, but are facing challenges.

Talking to these ladies makes my job better.

We talk about small acts of kindness, and each of us has our own personality and ways of reaching out to others. In the area I live, drivers are respectful of each other, paying attention when someone signals they want to change lanes and allowing drivers to pull into traffic from side roads and parking lots.

I’ve never seen this anywhere else. It’s not as if I live in a small town. Traffic can be heavy. It’s courtesy, small acts of kindness. Unique to my corner of the world in many ways, part of the personality of this area.

I’m lucky to have a dedicated group of blog followers who, I sense, are prone to giving, each in their own way. I’ve gotten to know some of you fairly well through your writing, and I know many of you have distinctly different personalities than mine. Your kindness is perhaps shown in a way I couldn’t fathom doing myself.

I’m inviting you to share the ways you spread kindness on your blog, and I will happily re-blog anyone who lets me know of a post inspired by what I’ve written here. And since writing and blogging are also unique to the individual, anything you write that you tell me was inspired by this post, I will re-blog (okay, there are limits, but I will let you know if you’ve reached one, and I don’t think it’s likely to happen).

Some of you have things to say I believe some of my followers might relate to, so I’m going to re-blog some posts I see during the week or have seen recently that I found inspiring.

I look forward, as always, to seeing what you’ll  write.

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8 Replies to “Let it Shine”

  1. I’m reading your post after spending a long day celebrating my birthday with my childhood friend, Joni. Even though I’m tired, your post gave me a big smile. I remembered posting something on my blog called “I Will Shine.”
    I wondered if that would be appropriate to share – I felt inspired to check and wallah! There on my post was my dear friend, Joni. And the filming of that dry eye video telling my story was very touching for me. I was suffering a lot when that video was filmed, but shortly thereafter I started to improve and heal.
    And when I looked at my post, there was such a nice comment from you. I always appreciate your support, Belinda. And I’m very happy hearing about those lovely women you mentioned at the beginning of this post.
    So here’s a link to my post that feels inspired by you!

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    1. Judy, thank you so much. I wanted to share one of your posts, and it means a lot that you found one for me. I’ll share it tomorrow (Monday). Right now I need to get to bed! Again, thank you….and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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      1. Aw, thank you! Not sure if people can relate to having dry eyes, but I do love that video telling my story about how music has helped me. And the title has shine in there!!
        Thank you so much, Belinda. Sleep well. 💕

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  2. Oh Belinda this is a grateful post. I liked the concern you keep for others. Its long since I visited you. There are so many posts waiting for you at my end. Please do come when you have time. Lately I have written some fun poems.
    Regards 💞🎶🌷

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