Faith Redefined

Years ago I thought I had the key to all the answers of my faith. It was to be found by listening to the teachings of my conservative Bible professors. Funny enough, I realized later they themselves would freely admit they had more questions than answers, and the more they pursued the answers the greater the number of questions.

I’m not completely dismissing the education I got at that Bible college, nor would I wish for anything to replace the time I spent there. I made friends then who are still among the strongest influences in my life — and whose support I depend upon.

But I do take issue with the idea that all of life’s questions can be answered by the Bible. I don’t think the Bible makes that claim, nor do I believe that any of the writers of either the Old or New Testament intended for us to seek all the answers from scripture. 

It’s designed to tell us about God, and again, there are more questions than answers to be found when dedicating oneself to reading any or all of it. God is bigger than all of us put together. Infinitely bigger. 

I’ve adopted a very Jewish way of thinking — it isn’t the answers to the questions but the questions themselves that are important. I’m comfortable with that way of thinking and believe it to be a more honest way of finding my faith.

So my faith has been redefined over the years, as has just about every other area of my life. The more we live, the more we grow, and the stronger we become. Well, on the inside. I would definitely have to say the outside is weakening.

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6 Replies to “Faith Redefined”

  1. We are very similar, Belinda, as I grew up with a very religious family but have chosen to be much more spiritual instead of following an observant religious path. I understand what you wrote about feeling strength on the inside while the outside is weakening. I am starting to feel a lot more vulnerability physically as I am getting older.

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      1. I try hard not to think of the depressing outlook. I still play tennis and I see how some older players just find new tricks to beat the younger ones lol. So perhaps we might slow down physically in some ways, but we can use our experience and wisdom to be productive still. 🙂
        It always helps me to admire older people who are great examples of vitality.

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  2. Belinda, I certainly feel I’m getting wiser as I get older…but indeed it is a challenge to fight off those physical aspects of aging in the meantime. One of the cruel ironies of life! Taking a tour of my fav sites on WordPress to start the New Year – happy to see you are still posting away. Have a great 2019!

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