Open Door

Yesterday I was cutting fabric–in the course of my job at a fabric store–and noted that all nine selections of my customer’s featured cats.

“Someone is a cat fan,” I said.

kitty no bkgd lr“You said it,” he replied. “In fact, she’s such a fan she had her name legally changed to Kitty.”

I was taken aback by that piece of information, or I might have asked what her given name had been. Instead I uttered a weak, “Wow.” Inside I was saying, “Are you kidding me?” but of course I was too polite to say that, even though my customer clearly understood that not everyone would understand his friend’s motivation.

Which led me to think, just how much of a cat lady am I? I’ve written on this subject before, albeit in a different context, but at that time made the observation that “cat lady,” in my experience, refers to someone with, say, eight or more kitties. The two I have qualify me to be merely a pet owner.

Yet you look around my house, and it’s clear I’m a fan of cats. My salt-and-pepper shakers, for example, are a cat (salt) and bird (pepper). My dish towels–the decorative ones–have kitties I’ve embroidered on them. Go out of my kitchen and you’ll find pictures of cats in my living room, bedroom and spare room. There’s a mirror and a couple of figurines as well.

We’re drawn to the things that make us happy, and cats make me happy. So do books and writing (did I mention the poster in my basement hallway of a cat reading “To Kill a Mockingbird”?), and there’s plenty of evidence in my home to support those interests as well.

We give ourselves away in less obvious ways as well. My Prius–actually a Prius C, the smallest of that model–is so small it may tell others I’m single. Hopefully it says I’m concerned for the environment as well. One might think it says something about my income level, but that would be deceiving. My Toyota dealership had a really good option for purchase that has me paying for this long-lasting car over seven years.

I shop a lot at Walmart, but that’s mostly because I live near that store’s headquarters and you can’t spit in this area without hitting a Neighborhood Market (Walmart’s grocery store). Shopping there will mean different things in different parts of the country.

I don’t know all the  things that give me away, and maybe that’s just as well or I’d become self-conscious. But you open the door to any of our lives and aspects will be illuminated.

But frankly, I’ve revealed so much on this blog I’m not sure I have any secrets any longer.

Image Credits: Open Door ©quickshooting –; Cat © puckillustrations –

6 Replies to “Open Door”

  1. I thought you were “kitty”ing! Anyway, lovely post and I agree about sharing secrets and our innermost thoughts on our blog. It was always very freeing when I could open up on my blog. i haven’t been doing that, lately, but perhaps I’ll come back to it someday.

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  2. You had so much restraint, Belinda. Oh my gosh….! What you thought might have popped out of my mouth. Thankfully, I have two cats, too (the 4 I feed outside don’t count, do they?) so I am a cat owner, also. Makes me wonder how many cats she has.

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    1. That was the other question I refrained from asking. We have customers all the time who buy fabric to make their favorite pet a quilt, but that makes sense to me if you enjoy quilting. After all, said pets probably have claimed a quilt or two anyway. But changing your name takes it to a whole new level.

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  3. “But frankly, I’ve revealed so much on this blog I’m not sure I have any secrets any longer.” I feel so much the same about my blog. So well said. But you still share wonderful viewpoints with us all. Thank you!

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