A Matter of Faith–We’ll Get Through This

Trust. I do believe we’ll get through this.

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. My dad once told me that whether times are good or times are bad we believe they’re always going to stay that way. Right now, times are bad. But we’ll get through this.

I’m lucky enough to still have a job, but I’m afraid that may not last. Business has slowed down considerably and we’re not sure when it will pick up again. The company is doing everything it can to keep us all employed, but there comes a point, right?

I have to move shortly, and now I fear the governor may call for a complete shut down, a total stay-at-home order, and that would mean movers wouldn’t be available. Even if I had a friend with a truck (which I don’t), there’s no way we could move all my worldly goods in the back of someone’s pickup.

But these are things that haven’t happened yet and maybe never will. If they do, I’ll have to deal with them then. I’m just a notorious worrier (got that from my mom). I do believe that whatever happens, I’ll get through it.

I’m not someone who has posters with inspirational sayings or Bible verses all over my home, but I do have faith. Lately, that faith has been tested, for reasons that have nothing to do with the coronavirus. It’s just that a lot of people have given me scientific or historical reasons for everything I believe in. Still, I have faith for the unknown. And let’s just say that faith is misguided. If it helps me, I’m keeping it.

These are uncertain times, uncertain in many ways because we’ve never dealt with anything like this before. It’s unclear how to navigate these murky waters.

But we’ll get through it. My prayers are with all those who are sick, all their loved ones, and the loved ones of those who have died.

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6 Replies to “A Matter of Faith–We’ll Get Through This”

  1. Belinda, what you wrote – I could have written. I heartily agree with you about feeling positive that things will be okay. I think my broken ankle reminded me of this. It sure does seem like things won’t change when you’re going through it.
    As far as moving during the shelter in place time, my son recently had to move in Las Vegas. He was able to find a moving service despite the shut down. I am hopeful you will, too. He did have trouble getting internet set up and had to call an electrician, which was more expensive.
    I have faith everything will work out for you. Good luck and thank you for your updates.

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    1. It didn’t get as bad in my part of the U.S. as it did some others, and a lot of the restrictions are easing up. I did find movers so I’m good to go there, assuming nothing drastic happens in the next week!

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      1. We (UK) heard about those poor New Yorkers, I’m glad you didn’t get it as badly and that restrictions are easing. I’ll be happy to be able to peruse the nursery plants again. That’s great about finding the movers, Belinda. Wishing you all the best, especially with your move next week my friend xo

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