Trouble, trouble

Anyone else having trouble with their WordPress account? I can’t “like” any posts (well, once or twice with great persistence I’ve managed to do so on the Reader).

I’m also having a great deal of trouble with this block editor!!!  

This photo is ©Jennifer – by the way. I added it when I was trying to add a feature photo. It took me forever to figure out how to do that, and I’m not sure I can do it again.


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  1. I understand, Belinda. I’ve had to work around a few issues with them, too.
    It is certainly worth contacting them for support.
    I HATE the block editor. I only feel comfortable using classic and it’s such a maze to get there. First, you have to go to WP administrator. Even there, if you want to create a new post the old way, it throws you curve balls. So you go to the page of All Posts and create a new one there – or copy an old one. Be sure it says “classic editor.”
    I hope that helps!

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    1. I’m trying to navigate the whole thing but find I hate it, too. They really should have left a better option for those of us who are comfortable creating straightforward posts without the bells and whistles they believe will create a finer blogging experience. They should have done more research into what people want before forcing this new editor on us. It’s not at all intuitive and does nothing to enhance the blogging experience. Enough said.

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      1. I am self-taught with everything I do, and you hit the nail on the head. It is NOT intuitive. After spending a lot of wasted time and energy, I couldn’t figure out the blocks or navigate through it. There wasn’t any kind of tutorial to help me and I’m just glad I was able to make the old way work. It was a lot of trouble to get there, too!
        Hoping the other problems resolve for you soon, Belinda.

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  2. Welcome to the Blocks. So many people have complained, and the Happiness Engineers have not been very helpful, from what I am told. I am using Block Classic. I don’t know if I can help but after you title your post, click on the black box with the X in it. Then select Classic. Where it says Classic in the title line, click that and a template should appear. The musical chord sign is where you can click to get photos. Hit Post to select Tags and then Preview. This is what I do to post, Belinda. The instructions WP sent were not helpful to me at all.

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  3. Aw I do feel for those struggling with the blocks editor. I’ve played around with it off and on ever since they brought it out, all I can say is it’s a lot better and more intuitive now than it was when it was first launched, what is it now 18 months/2 years ago? A couple of months ago I could see the writing was on the wall for the old editor and took the bull by the horns and decided to use the new editor and just forget the old. It is a bit inconsistent, especially with the floating menus that hide options from view (you have to get the page in the right place on a block and the full menu will magically appear). The most annoying thing at the moment is it is often taking three consecutive attempts to insert a photo from the media library. A hint to everyone – the apps (certainly android) don’t have the full amount of options and settings that are available on the computer website version. Just keep practicing, it will all come clear sooner or later.

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