Brace Myself

Today I got my new back brace. It’s looks like a warrior breastplate, and it’s tight. It’s supposed to be snug to give me the support I need, and I’m told it’s fitting appropriately so I know it’s not too tight, but it’s uncomfortable. It forces the use of muscles I don’t normally use, which I suppose is a good thing.

Getting in and out of it is an ordeal. The clinician at the brace company told me it’s a two-person job, but I live alone so I’m forced to put it on myself. I trust that that will get easier with time.

I can’t believe I’m going through this. My friends laugh and tell me “welcome to your 60s,” although they are extremely sympathetic and supportive. It’s just hard to believe I have six compression fractures on my spine. Some of you have asked how that happened, and it wasn’t a fall or an accident. It appears to be the repeated lifting I do at work, sometimes of items up to 25 pounds.

Since my job requires lifting I don’t know what the future holds at that company. I’m updating my resume, but I can’t start job hunting until I get back to work since I have to go back to that job once my short-term disability leave period is over.

Anyway, that’s the latest on my back. Thanks for all of your support and understanding.

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14 Replies to “Brace Myself”

  1. I was a work comp claims adjuster in my former life so I see ‘lifting at work’ and wonder if you filed a work comp claim? Don’t answer if it is too personal! I am just looking out for your health and safety!

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    1. The underlying problem is osteoporosis, so I don’t think I’m eligible for worker’s comp. Also, I had a bad fall three years ago that one doctor thinks could be a factor. The neurosurgeon doesn’t agree and I tend to agree with him. I think I would have had problems earlier on it the fall had been a factor.

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        1. I appreciate your bringing it up. It’s something I wondered about and asked a friend who I think knows this stuff. But always good to get a second perspective.


          1. Yes, if we’d received your doctor’s notes and he said anything about osteo or a previous fall, we would immediately have him address major contributing cause (MCC) so the claim could be accepted or denied. I loved helping people get better and back to work but denying a claim….not what I liked to do.

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  2. I’m sorry to hear you are going through this Belinda, but you are will get through it. I know from reading your previous post you have good neighbors helping you, but don’t hesitate in asking for help. That seems to be the path we independently single women have to take from time to time and each time for me, it was a lesson in asking and relying on others. Heal my darling. xxx

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  3. Oh, Belinda, this sounds so challenging!! Thanks for explaining and of course, I am crossing my fingers that you heal quickly. I remember with my ankle ordeal how at the beginning it was really a shock to my lifestyle. Gradually, I was forced to adjust. It seems to me that you will go through that also. You will find ways to manage things and I remember that asking for help was one of the hardest things for me.
    I wish i could help you!

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    1. You are helping :). Sharing what you went through with your ankle helps me adjust to the changes in my lifestyle. As for asking for help, my friends are so eager to help me that it’s easy to ask. But I probably need to consider other ways they can help–I’m so used to being independent.

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