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Caution: Overt Cuteness Ahead

I dare you to walk by this belly and not GIVE THIS SWEET BOY A TUMMY RUB!! Exposed


The Pursuit of Passion (and lesser things)

We speak of passion with great enthusiasm, as in “pursue your passion.” I agree, finding joy in life is a good thing, and finding fulfillment and purpose is a treasure. But too much of a good thing has its drawbacks. I cringe a bit at the word “passion.” It connotes a drive to do something at the expense of other, necessary tasks in life. … Read More The Pursuit of Passion (and lesser things)


Don’t Pull that Thread!

I know the warning signs. I know when I’m on the edge and about to explode — or implode — emotionally. I’m close to that point now and doing everything I can to ward it off. It’s part of being bipolar, I suppose, and it’s not a fun part. The good news is I’m aware of what’s happening and I know what steps to … Read More Don’t Pull that Thread!

Counting Every Moment

Apparently being good in math isn’t considered American. Not by the rest of the world, anyway. Yes, I’m making broad generalizations, and stereotyping can be a dangerous choice, we all know that. When I was young, people from Poland and Italy were assumed to be less intelligent. The number of jokes I heard denigrating my Polish ancestry made an impression, and not a positive one. … Read More Counting Every Moment


The Last Minute

If it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would get done. As a journalism student — let’s broaden that, as a college student — I was pretty amused by that quote. It was framed and hanging in the office of my journalism professor. My junior year, I was yearbook editor, and learned the hard truth. You wait to the last minute, you pay a … Read More The Last Minute

We Draw The Line — No Dogs!! No! No!

Some of you may remember when, last summer, I posted some videos of my precious, sweet, mild-mannered babies meeting two equally sweet pups for the first time. We were house-sitting, and the cats weren’t particularly happy about staying there, but nonetheless, they were curious. In fact, I’ll just bring one of those videos out again. You can see how Mimi was brave, yet Walter … Read More We Draw The Line — No Dogs!! No! No!

We’ve Got Each Other

I recently told the tale of how my babies came to be a part of my life. They are brother and sister, and have a bond deeper than any other. They protect each other, battle with each other, and at the end of the day, snuggle with each other (and if I’m lucky, with me.) I worry about what will happen when one of … Read More We’ve Got Each Other

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