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My Lovely Moon

Go slowly, my lovely moon, go slowly. ― Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner The moon outside my window tonight. It’s more beautiful than any image my humble camera could capture, but it is my lovely moon. Lovely moon, from age to age, you continue to lit our dark path, to inspire our hearts, to reflect a greater glory. Go slowly. Age  


The Honor is All Mine

In honor of a former boyfriend’s birthday, I am telling the true story of the first of his birthdays we spent together, and a follow-up conversation we had after our breakup. Honor is perhaps not the right word, unless you consider any honesty being honorable. I’m not giving real names. Dating Dan was a subtle seduction into becoming a verbal punching bag. The smile … Read More The Honor is All Mine


Mature Process

So often I’ve compared a given experience to learning to drive a standard. You know, with the clutch. Today’s new drivers aren’t as likely to learn to drive this way, since most new cars today are automatic (and have been for a long time). But once upon a time, at least in my neighborhood, if you were a teenager and wanted a car, you … Read More Mature Process


Finding Home

The other day I was getting my hair cut, and I commented on the casual Friday attire of the stylists. In the past, they always wore black, and the color was more important than style. There’s a new owner now, and she believes given the nature of the salon — creating an image — the individuals responsible for the changes for their clients should … Read More Finding Home


A Handful of Tips and Tricks

The best flavoring a hostess can add to her entrees? Hungry guests. Tricks of the trade can give anyone an edge. Here are a few I’ve learned. For some of you, at least some of this information is old hat, but hopefully I can pass along some useful trivia to help make your life a little brighter. Use triangles in photo composition. They don’t … Read More A Handful of Tips and Tricks


A Swing and A Smile

Last night the temperature dropped considerably, and when I left for work today, I needed a sweater. First time this season, and much earlier than I anticipated. It was a mild summer, and now I’m wondering what winter will look like. The snow I can do without — we have so few snow plows in this area, a few flakes and we’re homebound for … Read More A Swing and A Smile

By any other name…

In 1966, Neil Diamond had his first big hit with “Solitary Man.” I’ve listened to the song a hundred times and more, and while the official lyrics will tell you the first line is, “Melinda was mine…” I still swear he’s singing, “Belinda…” It makes sense. A hard consonant like “B” is easier to punch than a soft consonant like “M.” Now, Melinda is … Read More By any other name…

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