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A Great Day for Boating

On Election Day 1996, my then-boyfriend and I deliberately misinterpreted the weather forecast. “It’ll be a great day for voting!” the meteoroligist said enthusiastically. “Should be a fantastic turnout at the polls!” the news anchor responded. Well, maybe short two people. Mark and I both heard, “it’ll be a great day for boating!” and decided that indeed, we should spend the day on the … Read More A Great Day for Boating


The Gift

Last summer I received an adoption announcement from a friend of mine, Brock. He and his partner, Dan, had a new little girl. Her name was Allison, but they called her Sunny. I hadn’t heard from Brock in several years. We’d worked together ages ago, before he and Dan had met, but at a time when Brock was anxious to start his own family. … Read More The Gift


The Foggy Path

Science, it turns out, is sometimes just an illusion. I was listening to a well-respected scientist speak to that issue today, telling his listeners that in previous years, what seemed to be truth rooted in science, the irrefutable, undeniable truth of science, was in fact a fatal error based on the technology used to obtain the facts. People suffered, some died, because of that … Read More The Foggy Path


So Onward

I have an idea of what I want to do with my life, where I want to go and how I want to be in this world, but getting there is hard. I’ve had these thoughts before, and pursued my dream. While I may have achieved my goals, that didn’t ultimately bring me happiness. Still, time has taught me so much. It’s possible this … Read More So Onward

Far, far away…

“Where do the birds fly away to, Walter?” “To a distant land, Mimi. A distant land.” Distant

+ (c) Belinda Ostrowski

Caution: Overt Cuteness Ahead

I dare you to walk by this belly and not GIVE THIS SWEET BOY A TUMMY RUB!! Exposed


The Pursuit of Passion (and lesser things)

We speak of passion with great enthusiasm, as in “pursue your passion.” I agree, finding joy in life is a good thing, and finding fulfillment and purpose is a treasure. But too much of a good thing has its drawbacks. I cringe a bit at the word “passion.” It connotes a drive to do something at the expense of other, necessary tasks in life. … Read More The Pursuit of Passion (and lesser things)

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