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I Like Pens Too Much to Quit Writing

Frequently these days my friends in education tell me schools are no longer teaching cursive writing. I can’t imagine. You won’t be able to sign your own name? I’m hardly old, but I feel as though I’ll be judged that way when I say I “still” write notes or send cards to friends. An e-mail birthday card doesn’t cut it with me. You can’t … Read More I Like Pens Too Much to Quit Writing


Lessons Learned: A Belated Thank You

In sixth grade, in an effort to teach his students the importance of simplicity in writing, Mr. Dunton assigned each of us a famous saying, something we all were familiar with. We were told to re-write it, using unnecessarily complex language. Here’s what I came up with: “An overabundance of persons engaged in creating edible material taint the liquid in which meat, fish and … Read More Lessons Learned: A Belated Thank You

Quote Challenge Day Two

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” ― Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft About the Quote Challenge (you’re invited!): Thank you, Dede, for inviting me to take part in this challenge. If your life has been turned upside down and you’re determined to make it good again, visit her site. I struggle a bit with quote challenges, so this is a compromise. … Read More Quote Challenge Day Two


Wisdom is as Essential as Salt

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” — Aristotle “Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.” ― Martin Luther King Jr. Centuries apart, great minds came to the same conclusion. It takes more than a headful of knowledge to truly be of use in society. The one who can spout a bounty of facts may be of … Read More Wisdom is as Essential as Salt


Education for Education’s Sake

I have what some would call one of the most outdated degrees available today: news journalism, formerly called print journalism. We were groomed to work for newspapers. I’m guessing current journalism majors get a good dousing of social media education as well, but the reality is, by the time today’s graduates with any sort of journalism degree are my age, their degree will also … Read More Education for Education’s Sake


Help for Helping Your Kids With Math

There’s one blog I follow that stands out from others in its purpose, and for parents of elementary school children, it can make an important difference. You’ll find creative ways to make learning about math FUN for you & your kids. Which isn’t always easy. The blog is How I Help My Elementary School Children With Math, and the woman who writes it is … Read More Help for Helping Your Kids With Math

teach me to ponder

“You study, study, study, and at the end, you are lucky enough to discover the greatest gift of education: that you know nothing at all.” — EJ Koh I’ve heard this thought, expressed one hundred different ways, a thousand different times since I’ve left college. It rings true if you’re an honest student of your chosen profession, assuming, that is, your chosen profession requires … Read More teach me to ponder

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