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Unlimited Potential and Limited Bodies

Today I was listening to an interview on the radio, and heard an intriguing quote. I don’t remember the exact words, but the sentiment (as I interpreted it) was “I get angry sometimes about the limitations of my body.” Now, I came in late to the interview, but I don’t believe he was talking about any sort of disability, unless you count geek in … Read More Unlimited Potential and Limited Bodies


How Cesar Got His Name

Last week, I received a long-dreaded text from my friend Deb. “Cesar had another seizure. I took him to the vet, and it was time to let go. This has been a bad week.” Cesar the Cat was her second pet to die in two days. She had had to say good-bye to her beloved terrier Daisy earlier that week. Cesar was 20 years … Read More How Cesar Got His Name


The Only Game in Town

Recently I read an article saying the maker of one of the most popular online Solitaire games has decided to make their game more difficult. “Too many people are winning,” was the explanation. Winning what? I read the article to see if this were some sort of competitive site, where people played for cash and prizes. Nope. Just a simple game of Solitaire, with … Read More The Only Game in Town



This was one of those weeks. I’m working a temp job now, one I think I’d like to last awhile. It’s an interesting group I work with, primarily young…and poor. I’m doing admin work, but my desk is smack dab in the middle of a warehouse. There are a handful of people my age, a few older, but for the most part, of the … Read More Perception

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