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Lonely Road, Locked Away

A few months ago…and a few months before that…I told the story of a woman I loosely know who embezzled more than a million dollars from her employer. That employer was the county government. She was in a lot of trouble. This woman (let’s call her Judy) is dating the ex-husband of a friend of mine. Actually, he was my friend first; we worked … Read More Lonely Road, Locked Away


Cry First, and Water the Flowers

I just heard my friend Casey is getting a divorce. Casey is 29, and this is her second marriage. She has four children, one with her current husband, two with her previous and one from a brief relationship when she was just 15. She’s been in prison, is a recovering alcoholic and lost her three oldest children for a time because of those issues. … Read More Cry First, and Water the Flowers


Raise the Level

Two years ago my church, in particular my priest, was fighting hard for hot meals for the inmates at our county jail. Up to that time the best they got was sandwiches, made with stale bread and what in only the loosest term possible can be called meat, such as bologna. This wasn’t Oscar-Meyer bologna. It was institutional, and the packaging revealed it was … Read More Raise the Level


There is Help, There is Hope

Today I met a couple who are celebrating their 49th anniversary. That’s a long time of loving another person. Bill, the husband, is a Vietnam vet suffering from PTSD. He and Joy were married before he left to serve in that war, and she’s watched the symptoms grow over the years since he got back. Like so many, it’s gotten worse as time has … Read More There is Help, There is Hope


The Least Among You

Suppose you met someone who told you she just got out of prison for terroristic threatening. What would you think? This woman in front of you is well-groomed, dressed fashionably yet somewhat conservatively, certainly doesn’t have a prison-tough look or demeanor and timidly is talking about her seemingly impossible search for work. Turns out, you’ll discover, she went to prison because she threatened her … Read More The Least Among You

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