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Hidden Truths, Secret Sorrows

“Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.” ― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Our face is a mask, sometimes opaque, sometimes transparent. Recently a friend of mine was taking an online test about reading emotions, and not doing too well. She was frustrated. I suspect the test was flawed … Read More Hidden Truths, Secret Sorrows



I had a secret, and I didn’t tell, because I was afraid you would reject me. That wasn’t fair. I should have given you a chance. Today I know it wouldn’t matter, because I know your heart is bigger than my faults. I wish I had trusted that before. I’m asking you to forgive me for my secret, and for keeping it from you. … Read More Forgiveness


The Truth Within

Three years ago I almost lost a good friend, largely over a misunderstanding. Another friend stepped in and tried to straighten things out, and in doing so, made the already shaky relationship we had that much worse. She chastised me for committing an offense I truly couldn’t see I was guilty of having done, citing a conversation I’d had with her husband as another example. … Read More The Truth Within


Chance Encounter

Today, I planned to meet a friend for lunch. She works in the courthouse building, and I scrambled to get there at the appointed time. Just as I was getting on the elevator, only moments from her office, I received a text. She couldn’t make it today. I barely noticed the young woman who graciously allowed me to enter the elevator first. I asked … Read More Chance Encounter


The Letter (sigh)

When I was 36, I moved from Minneapolis to Nashville for a relationship. I distinguish “moving for a relationship” from “moving for a man.” It was a decision I made because it was what I wanted to do, and not because I was one of those women who would sacrifice anything for the man in her life. I’d made big moves before, so I … Read More The Letter (sigh)


The Threads of You

I finished unpacking last night. My house is a home, but the one thing missing is you. I hear your laugh, see your smile, admire your new haircut in the faces of strangers. I can’t stop for a gallon of milk without recognizing your loping walk in another. The weight of my loss holds me in place, and I silently protest the need to … Read More The Threads of You

Layers and Secrets: A Message to My Friend, Part 1

The day after my brother’s wedding reception, the family and a few close friends gathered at his and my sister-in-law Ann’s apartment It was about as a casual an occasion as you can imagine, so I took out my knitting. I happened to be using some beautiful hand-carved needles for a project made of angora and lambswool. Ann’s friend David, an artist, took note … Read More Layers and Secrets: A Message to My Friend, Part 1

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