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Help in an Abyss

A woman I worked with is being abused by her boyfriend. I can’t help her. She came into work with an injured wrist and a bruised face. She laughed off the injuries with semi-plausible instructions, but when I saw her today, she had no excuse for her two black eyes. “I’m worried about you,” I told her. “I’m okay,” she said. But she’s not … Read More Help in an Abyss


Words in the Wind

Today, while in the ladies room, I heard two co-workers talking. One was crying. “I told her I got back together with him because I married him,” she sobbed. “I thought maybe he’d changed.” Well, you can guess the rest of the story. He hasn’t changed. “I know I’m a good person. I’m doing things I don’t want to do because of him.” As … Read More Words in the Wind

+ Being Valued Being Wooed

Being Valued, Being Wooed: a letter to Madi

A co-worker once wistfully told me she’d married her husband because he picked her up at the airport, holding a bouquet of balloons and an engagement ring. “What else could I do?” she asked. The surprise proposal made her completely forget that a week before, when she was knocked out by a miserable cold, he’d expected her to join him for happy hour with … Read More Being Valued, Being Wooed: a letter to Madi

sibling revelry

Today I called my brother with some upsetting news. Once again, factors beyond my control were thwarting my plans to move forward. He was the only one who would fully understand how challenging it would be for me, because he’d been with me from the start of the events that led to the distress of today. My brother was there for me before I … Read More sibling revelry


Heartbreak ‘Round the Bend

I got a surprise call from an old friend today. Surprise, because he called, and surprise, why he called. Todd* came into my life about 15 years ago when he began dating a friend of mine, Dani.* The two of them were inseparable for several years, seeming to bring out the best in each other and destined for a happy future. As time went … Read More Heartbreak ‘Round the Bend


Cry First, and Water the Flowers

I just heard my friend Casey is getting a divorce. Casey is 29, and this is her second marriage. She has four children, one with her current husband, two with her previous and one from a brief relationship when she was just 15. She’s been in prison, is a recovering alcoholic and lost her three oldest children for a time because of those issues. … Read More Cry First, and Water the Flowers


Over You

“You’re going to leave me alone at Christmas…” “You’ll be okay. You said you had to work that day. You’ll be too busy to notice I’m gone.” That’s not exactly how it would work, and we both knew it. I’d had it. I had gone out of my way to get you really thoughtful birthday gifts just a week before, even though you’d been … Read More Over You

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