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Hey Ship!! Here’s Your Harbor!!

Recently I ready brief biography of music composer Dorothy Fields on a fellow bloggers site. One quote from her stood out to me: When your ship doesn’t come in, go out and find it. How often does our ship actually come in? Certainly there are times we are lucky enough to have good fortune fall our way. But more often than not, we need … Read More Hey Ship!! Here’s Your Harbor!!


Thank You

For the last seven years I’ve suffered at the hands of those with greater power and lesser insight. It’s not that my life has been all hell and horror, but it’s safe to say the worst moments of my existence happened during this time. So I’m thrilled to announce it’s officially over. That doesn’t mean I won’t continue to live with the consequences, nor … Read More Thank You

Random Thoughts and Quirky Coincidences

Today I started a new job, a part-time gig at Joann Fabrics. I think I’m going to like it (although I’m still searching for the career opportunity). While filling out the paperwork, the assistant manager exclaimed, “we have the same birthday!” Day and month, as it turns out. She’s several years older than me. But that simple fact startled her, and she brought it … Read More Random Thoughts and Quirky Coincidences



A friend of mine readily admits some of her fondest memories involve watching “Pretty Little Liars” with her grandmother. Her nana. Nana told me she had no interest in the program, but it was a way to spend time with her youngest grandchild on a regular basis. Despite her lack of concern for the fate of the various characters, she could handily talk through … Read More Choices


Marceline awaits Easter.


How or Why and Peace of Mind

Last night I dashed out to the local CVS to get some candy. I admit it. A quick trip, three miles or less. As I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed a car, different make but similar style and color to mine, parked in the same corner I was headed. Then I noticed something else. The license plate number was almost identical, save … Read More How or Why and Peace of Mind


Help in an Abyss

A woman I worked with is being abused by her boyfriend. I can’t help her. She came into work with an injured wrist and a bruised face. She laughed off the injuries with semi-plausible instructions, but when I saw her today, she had no excuse for her two black eyes. “I’m worried about you,” I told her. “I’m okay,” she said. But she’s not … Read More Help in an Abyss

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