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Now, Right Now

It’s hard — so hard. When you fear your world is about to turn upside-down, and there’s nothing you can do but pray and wait. When you think perhaps the inevitable is happening now. When your heart cries out, “I’m not ready for this!” but your head tells you, “you’ll never be ready.” When the practical mixes with the unimaginable. It’s hard. Photo courtesy … Read More Now, Right Now


Finding Home

The other day I was getting my hair cut, and I commented on the casual Friday attire of the stylists. In the past, they always wore black, and the color was more important than style. There’s a new owner now, and she believes given the nature of the salon — creating an image — the individuals responsible for the changes for their clients should … Read More Finding Home

+ Being Valued Being Wooed

Being Valued, Being Wooed: a letter to Madi

A co-worker once wistfully told me she’d married her husband because he picked her up at the airport, holding a bouquet of balloons and an engagement ring. “What else could I do?” she asked. The surprise proposal made her completely forget that a week before, when she was knocked out by a miserable cold, he’d expected her to join him for happy hour with … Read More Being Valued, Being Wooed: a letter to Madi


Unexpected Blessings

Today I was helping a friend pack up multiple boxes of household goods to give to various local charities. She’d had a garage sale a couple of weeks ago, and we were clearing out what remained. This was in her previous home, which she plans to put on the market as soon as it’s clear of clutter and the carpet is replaced. Until the … Read More Unexpected Blessings


It’s Always Something

I’m getting  a little tired of these petty injuries. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll take them anytime over a critical injury or chronic illness. But just as I finished physical therapy for my shoulder, my thumb gets tendonitis. The thumb heals, and I burn my arm. The bandages come off my arm, and I pull my achilles tendon. Each minor injury has its own … Read More It’s Always Something

wpc: glow

Originally posted on ….on pets and prisoners…..:
I always called Kitty my ‘Golden Girl.’ Sitting on her favorite chair with the afternoon sun shining through the windows on her, Kitty just glowed. Shine on, sweet girl. ? Kitty, the Golden Girl… ?


Originally posted on myjourneysinsight: Writing from my heart has led me to so many wonderful connections. Two months ago, I had the amazing opportunity to share my story. I was “discovered” by Remedy Health Media because of my inspirational writing about dealing with my dry eye syndrome. I shared the experience of being filmed on the first part of this story: #526 I…

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