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A Good Time Ahead

There’s a lot happening this weekend. It’s been a year (is that all?) with our current president. I’m with the majority of Americans, embarrassed by and weary of him. The news is full of analysis of his time in office, and it’s a little overwhelming. Enough said on my part. On the exciting side of things (for some of us, at least), the NFL … Read More A Good Time Ahead


Words in the Wind

Today, while in the ladies room, I heard two co-workers talking. One was crying. “I told her I got back together with him because I married him,” she sobbed. “I thought maybe he’d changed.” Well, you can guess the rest of the story. He hasn’t changed. “I know I’m a good person. I’m doing things I don’t want to do because of him.” As … Read More Words in the Wind

All Tucked Away

It is without reservation that I say… Too. Cute. For. Words. Reservation


Merry Christmas!!

With love from Belinda, Mimi and Walter. Cat Images © geosap —; Background © malija – Fotolia  


The Honor is All Mine

In honor of a former boyfriend’s birthday, I am telling the true story of the first of his birthdays we spent together, and a follow-up conversation we had after our breakup. Honor is perhaps not the right word, unless you consider any honesty being honorable. I’m not giving real names. Dating Dan was a subtle seduction into becoming a verbal punching bag. The smile … Read More The Honor is All Mine


Now, Right Now

It’s hard — so hard. When you fear your world is about to turn upside-down, and there’s nothing you can do but pray and wait. When you think perhaps the inevitable is happening now. When your heart cries out, “I’m not ready for this!” but your head tells you, “you’ll never be ready.” When the practical mixes with the unimaginable. It’s hard. Photo courtesy … Read More Now, Right Now


Finding Home

The other day I was getting my hair cut, and I commented on the casual Friday attire of the stylists. In the past, they always wore black, and the color was more important than style. There’s a new owner now, and she believes given the nature of the salon — creating an image — the individuals responsible for the changes for their clients should … Read More Finding Home

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