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How Cesar Got His Name

Last week, I received a long-dreaded text from my friend Deb. “Cesar had another seizure. I took him to the vet, and it was time to let go. This has been a bad week.” Cesar the Cat was her second pet to die in two days. She had had to say good-bye to her beloved terrier Daisy earlier that week. Cesar was 20 years … Read More How Cesar Got His Name



This was one of those weeks. I’m working a temp job now, one I think I’d like to last awhile. It’s an interesting group I work with, primarily young…and poor. I’m doing admin work, but my desk is smack dab in the middle of a warehouse. There are a handful of people my age, a few older, but for the most part, of the … Read More Perception


A Handful of Tips and Tricks

The best flavoring a hostess can add to her entrees? Hungry guests. Tricks of the trade can give anyone an edge. Here are a few I’ve learned. For some of you, at least some of this information is old hat, but hopefully I can pass along some useful trivia to help make your life a little brighter. Use triangles in photo composition. They don’t … Read More A Handful of Tips and Tricks


Heartbreak ‘Round the Bend

I got a surprise call from an old friend today. Surprise, because he called, and surprise, why he called. Todd* came into my life about 15 years ago when he began dating a friend of mine, Dani.* The two of them were inseparable for several years, seeming to bring out the best in each other and destined for a happy future. As time went … Read More Heartbreak ‘Round the Bend


no cat in hat, nor cat in cap, has sat in my lap

Originally posted on My World With Words:
One day at work, I was grumpily recounting the tale of a tug-of-war with my cat Paco from the night before over a rather expensive skein of yarn (he had good taste). He wanted to play with it in a big tangled mess, I wanted to make a sweater out of it. We both won our battle…


Image, Reality and Sexuality

What dangers lurk for girls and young women, and how do we help them, help all women, avoid them? Aren’t we (to use a modern term) empowering girls when we teach them “private parts are private”? What greater gift can we give young women than to teach them the world holds dangers, and how to protect themselves? We talk about being “sexually empowered” and … Read More Image, Reality and Sexuality

By any other name…

In 1966, Neil Diamond had his first big hit with “Solitary Man.” I’ve listened to the song a hundred times and more, and while the official lyrics will tell you the first line is, “Melinda was mine…” I still swear he’s singing, “Belinda…” It makes sense. A hard consonant like “B” is easier to punch than a soft consonant like “M.” Now, Melinda is … Read More By any other name…

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