Gimme a Break!

Well, winter weather is upon us, even if it isn’t officially winter yet. So I’m once again forced to deal with one of the more foolish laws in my state, and that is, if you shovel the sidewalk or put some sort of ice melt on it–or anything like that–you can and probably will be held liable if someone slips and falls. So my apartment complex understandably does nothing to clear the way for those of us who have to go to work or simply want to take the trash out. Let me say this again–you clear the ice or snow off the sidewalk or stair steps or what-have-you and someone slips and falls, you will be held liable.

I’ve listened to our esteemed lawmakers try to explain this, and their excuses sound as lame as the law itself.  Frankly, I don’t understand clearly what they’re saying so I won’t try to repeat it here. I just know that in a majority of the states, the law either requires you to clear the sidewalks in front of your home or at the very least won’t punish you if you do and someone falls.

Which led me to wonder, what laws do other states have that surpass understanding? I looked this up and decided against sharing too many. Instead, I’m asking you, my fellow bloggers, to tell me about absurd laws in your state, or any other state, for that matter. Did you know that in Massachusetts you’re breaking the law if you’re over 16 and you swear at players or officials at a sporting event? Two things struck me there, first, I guess if you’re 16 or under you can say what you like, and second, seriously? Is anybody enforcing this law?

So let me know about the laws in your state. I could use a good laugh!

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