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Equal Time for Mimi! (It’s Caturday)

A few weeks ago, two consecutive posts featured my adorable cat, Walter. But I have two precious kitties, and Mimi is every bit as loving and sweet as her brother. It’s just not as easy to capture cute pictures of her. Here are a few I particularly like.    

+ (c) Belinda Ostrowski

Caution: Overt Cuteness Ahead

I dare you to walk by this belly and not GIVE THIS SWEET BOY A TUMMY RUB!! Exposed


Dear Walter and Mimi,

I treasure you. Hopefully you don’t need to read this to know how much. That’s why (and I know this is hard for you to understand) I don’t want you going outside. You see, it’s dangerous for kitties out there, and the two of you aren’t street savvy. I’m going to visit my mom in a couple of months, and I’m worried about you. … Read More Dear Walter and Mimi,


Back in the Box

I’ve finally reached the conclusion, after eight months of fighting it, I’m not going to find space for some things I own. My brother says if I’m not using them I don’t need them, but I’ve already delivered a dozen boxes to Goodwill. I’m not ready to part with anything more. So all these miscellaneous items will go into a box — make that … Read More Back in the Box

The Hiding Place

Walter has found a new place to hide, and I don’t dare let on I’ve figured it out. It takes some effort for him to pull that blanket off the back of the chair — and every time I try to video tape it, he stops and walks away. So I guess I’ll humor my baby and let him think he is oh-so-sneaky.  

We Draw The Line — No Dogs!! No! No!

Some of you may remember when, last summer, I posted some videos of my precious, sweet, mild-mannered babies meeting two equally sweet pups for the first time. We were house-sitting, and the cats weren’t particularly happy about staying there, but nonetheless, they were curious. In fact, I’ll just bring one of those videos out again. You can see how Mimi was brave, yet Walter … Read More We Draw The Line — No Dogs!! No! No!

We’ve Got Each Other

I recently told the tale of how my babies came to be a part of my life. They are brother and sister, and have a bond deeper than any other. They protect each other, battle with each other, and at the end of the day, snuggle with each other (and if I’m lucky, with me.) I worry about what will happen when one of … Read More We’ve Got Each Other

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