Walter Has Claimed Mom’s Shawl

Walter and ShawlI (finally) finished this shawl for my mom, and Walter won’t let go. As you saw in my previous Caturday post, he likes to find new places to sleep, and it’s often inconvenient for me. Oh well. He’s a sweet kitty and I spoil him. Go ahead and sleep there, Walter. I’ll need the shawl in a month when I visit Mom, but in the meantime, it’s yours.

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Walter Has Found a New Bed

I’ve never had to worry about the cats sleeping on my laundry until now, when Walter decided to sleep on the freshly-cleaned bath mat I was getting ready to give to a friend. I wasn’t about to give it to her dirty–but now she’s going to have to accept it with a little cat hair on it. Which she will, gladly, because this mat matches her towels.

Walter Sleeps Well

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It’s Caturday–and Walter’s Helping with the Fall Cleaning

Months ago I wrote about my storage room and how I desperately wanted to clean it out. Well, slowly but surely that’s happening. It’s a little bit disconcerting to Walter and Mimi, who constantly have to look for new hiding places, but I feel good about it. Not that the room looks clean yet. It’s just that now a lot of the boxes are empty and only need to be broken down.

Anyway, I donated four boxes of  books to the Friendly Bookstore, which supports our local library, and now I have several boxes ready for Helping Hands, a thrift store that helps people in need. I hauled two of those boxes out to the living room, right next to the front door. The theory was I’d next carry them down to my car. Problem is, I kept finding more stuff to add, so the bottom box has gotten too heavy to carry downstairs. With my back, I have to be really careful.

It looks like I’ll be handling this the way I handled the books. Take an empty box to the car and then carry everything to that box. I need a break, and apparently Walter does too. I had to put the quilt on top or both cats would be exploring–and making a mess of things. The quilt stays, by the way.

So it’s Caturday and cleaning day all rolled into one.Walter on boxes

It’s National Black Cat Appreciation Day!

When I was in high school, we had a beautiful long-haired black cat named Salem. My mom still mourns for her.

In my area, shelters won’t let anyone adopt a black cat in October, for fear of what may happen on Halloween. Or after, when party people may just abandon the precious kitties.

If you have a black cat, I consider you very lucky!!

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I wish I could give my cats the kind of cat room I’ve read about but never seen–with ramps to run up on and around, scratching posts of all shapes and sizes and a huge window seat. Instead, they have to make due with piles of boxes I have yet to unload and a somewhat narrower window ledge–wide enough, I suppose, but not what I dream of giving them.

Walter’s latest favorite seat is my desk chair, which has been scratched down to the wood frame and is a short walk away from the trash bin. It’s not particularly comfortable for me, but it’s the desk chair I have. Walter, however, just loves it. It is his throne. If I’m working and make the mistake of getting up, he dashes upon it. When I gently pick him up and place him down from the chair, he purrs and attempts to sit behind me. I guess he thinks sharing is a good compromise.

When a friend’s cat sadly and suddenly passed away in November, I became the recipient of two cat pillows, which Mimi has taken to greatly. Walter isn’t allowed in either one of them, no matter where Mimi might be at the time. If he dares sit in one, she quietly approaches him, starts cleaning him behind the ears, and he leaves. Quickly. Those pillows are her thrones.

I need to step back and realize that what I’m giving my cats is enough for them. I hear parents bemoaning what they can’t give their children, and I say to them, your kids have an imagination. They also have your love and commitment. If my parents had given me everything I wanted growing up, I’d be expecting a throne in my life today.

Instead, I’m satisfied with my desk chair. And my futon. And my wicker chairs. I have my cats, and they have me. They are loving and kind, and I hope my friends think the same of me.

Thrones are just overrated.

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Protecting My Cats From Themselves

AdobeStock_141244605 [Converted] smallMy precious cat Mimi has wanderlust. She’s an indoor cat who longs to run outside, but I won’t let her. It’s way too dangerous for her out there. I know that, but she doesn’t share my concern and dashes out the door at any given opportunity.

How do you explain to a cat with the natural desire to explore that you’re keeping her inside for her own good? That it’s your love for her that prevents you from letting her run free?

Mimi is a lover and a snuggler. I want to protect her.

AdobeStock_179040340 [Converted]Walter, on the other hand, would have to be pushed out the door before he’d go outside. He much prefers the dangers of the great indoors, such as the washing machine and dryer. It’s gotten to a point where I need to lock him in another room when I do the wash because he will leap into the washer and resist all efforts on my part to get him out.

That’s a much easier problem to deal with.

Walter, too, is a lover and a snuggler, and the three of us frequently end up curled together on the sofa while I watch TV and they sleep.

Protecting those we love is a natural instinct, even if our methods of doing so may seem a bit out of place to others. But as long as I’m their mama, Walter and Mimi will just have to put up with being protected. Can’t help myself.

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Ollie & Lena–A Love Story

Any cat lover (and I know several of you follow my blog) will appreciate the story of Ollie and Lena. Thanks to Amy for sharing. Click on “view original post” to see the video.

Insights From The Edge

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Celebrating Milton (It’s Caturday!)

Today we celebrate my mom’s cat Milton, a sweetheart with a difficult past who found his permanent place of residence a few years ago. Now he’s King of the Castle, reigning with benevolence and charm.

Stop this darn picture taking and feed me!!



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