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What My Soul Knows

I have an important decision to make…and what I’m thinking of doing doesn’t feel right. I won’t do it, no matter how logical may seem. I’ve learned my gut, my soul, has valuable things to say. It’s almost as if logic and reasoning is the lazy way out sometimes, although I’ll never dismiss the necessity to reason through a life-changing or costly choice. Sometimes, … Read More What My Soul Knows


Better Choices, or, Better to Have Choices

Today, I’m grateful for CHOICES. One of my blogging buddies, Deb, has a daily grateful post. It’s encouraging to read all she is grateful for, and while I don’t plan to copy her idea on a daily basis, today I’m saying, loud and clear, I’m grateful for all the choices I have in my life. I can choose when I wake up in the … Read More Better Choices, or, Better to Have Choices

It All Adds Up the Same

I’ve spent some time, not a lot, but some, imagining what my life would be like now if I’d made different decisions. It happens most often at night, when I’m alone and not much is on TV, none of the books I have appeal to me and I simply cannot play one more game of solitaire on my phone. I sit and ponder. What makes … Read More It All Adds Up the Same


Break Gently

“funny how our hearts were designed to love so fiercely. but break ever so gently.” ― Sanober Khan Break gently, heart of mine. “I will not love again until I am certain I won’t make the same mistakes.” But I can never be certain of that, for I am always the same person. And I will love again. I will. Photo Credit: © Prakapenka … Read More Break Gently

Layers & Secrets, Part 3: You Will Always Be My Friend

Dear Friend, I know you have a secret, and I’ve got an idea what it is. Whatever it may be, it doesn’t matter to me. You will always be my friend. We’ve had ups and downs in our friendship, and I’ve taken the blame at times when I wasn’t at fault. I finally figured that out. But here’s the thing: I don’t blame you, … Read More Layers & Secrets, Part 3: You Will Always Be My Friend

Carefree and Campy

During our “break-up” talk, my now ex-boyfriend did everything he could to hurt me. One comment, however, had entirely the opposite effect. “You’re kind of…offbeat,” he said, in a tone clearly not meant to be complimentary. “Yes, I am,” I replied with a smile. Truer words were never said. A junior high crush worded it differently, and at the time, it did hurt. “She’s … Read More Carefree and Campy


Reality, Thou Art a Factor…and a Blessing

Drive. Motivation. Passion. “Find your passion, then do it. If your passion is your job, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Oh, baloney. You are going to work, no matter how much you love your job. There are going to be days you dread going into the office, or workplace, regardless of how much overall satisfaction your career provides you. There are … Read More Reality, Thou Art a Factor…and a Blessing

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