It’s National Cookie Day!

Like any of us need an excuse to eat more cookies this month. I celebrated by helping myself to a few Christmas cookies a neighbor brought over (they were rejects from the batches she made, but taste just as good).

Growing up, my mom always made hundreds of Christmas cookies and mailed them to all our relatives, far and wide. Then she’d freeze a bunch–no room in the freezer for anything else at that point–so we’d have plenty to get us through the winter months. Okay, December. We’re a sweet tooth family so sugary goods never lasted long in our house.

I remember my mom had a cookie press for those fancy Christmas cookies. She usually died the dough green as well (not red, because the red dye in use up to that point had been discovered to be cancer causing). She made the round balls dipped in powdered sugar and we gobbled those down. We all helped ice the sugar cookies, and somewhere along the line we discovered you could make stained glass sugar cookies with the use of crumbled up Life Savers. I don’t think they turned out very well because we only made them for a year or two. 

I plan to celebrate National Cookie Day as often as I can this Christmas season, although I doubt I bake too many of my own. It’s hard to bake for one and already there are so many cookies at work I’m afraid mine might go stale before anyone ate them.

Bring on the cookies!!

Image Credit: © Svetlana Kolpakova–

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