The Only Game in Town

Recently I read an article saying the maker of one of the most popular online Solitaire games has decided to make their game more difficult.

“Too many people are winning,” was the explanation.

Winning what? I read the article to see if this were some sort of competitive site, where people played for cash and prizes. Nope. Just a simple game of Solitaire, with players of all ages whiling away their time on a computer-generated card game.

I suspect the maker has other motives. As an occasional — and okay, sometimes frequent — player of the game, I can tell you, it’s not a competitive thing for me. I do it to relax, unwind. While I don’t win all my games, it’s no fun to lose all of them, either. I don’t want this to be a greater challenge.

I get frustrated with others making decisions for me like this. Why not give players an option? And let’s look at fashion. Why do all the pants have to be either low-rise or high-rise? Can’t there be one season where the fashion-forward, and lesser mortals, can have their choice of styles?

I recognize consumers need change, but variety is nice, too. I’ve noticed a trend toward historical novels about WWII. There are TONS of them. Movies follow a similar path of conformity…and always have. Don’t bother to tell me about non-conformist literature or film. As one of my friends used to say, the non-conformists all look alike.

Ah, I’m being cynical, I know. It all started with a silly game of solitaire…the only game in town…

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how to effectively waste your time

Thankfully, I had to think about this one.

Sadly, there came a point when the ideas, all based on real-life (mine), came a’tumblin. For the record, I haven’t done everything on this list — at least not #4.

Anyway, here are some ideas for how to effectively waste your time:

1. Write your acceptance speech for your Academy Award.

Then give it — tears and all — to your pets, stuffed animals or your own image in the mirror.

2. Play computer solitaire.

This is an old-time favorite, and there are plenty of newer or more complex games out there as well. But I chose this because a friend of mine (friend — yeah, right. no — really.) has played an incredible number of games, as evidenced here. (I wrote the number really large. You may have to click on the picture to believe it.)

Number of solitaire games my friend has played as of August 2015.
Number of games my friend has played as of August 2015.
3. Take selfies. Lots and lots of them.

I started to take a bunch of myself and post them here, then I remembered photos from these posts end up on Google Images under your name (check it out if you don’t believe me).

4. Oh yes, check Google Images for the disconcerting pictures that come up under your name.

Then check all your friends’ names & images. Then save some of the more intriguing images, e-mail them to the corresponding friend and ask them what it’s all about.

5. Make endless amounts of bookmarks.

Fifteen years ago I discovered blank bookmarks at a craft store, along with small stencils & stencil paint. I had a couple dozen pots of paint, about eight stencil sheets and a handful of brushes. I made more than 200 bookmarks, and it’s taken me all this time to get rid of half of them. And, I laminated as many as I could. This is a portion of what I have left:

bookmarks sm

6. Watch my all-time favorite YouTube animal video.

It’s mesmerizing:

Goats on Sheet Metal

Before you judge me,

I know you have a list. I’d love to hear it.