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The Harsher Penalty

Eight prisoners on death row in my state are scheduled to be executed in the coming days. There’s been a great deal of controversy over the fate of these men, with legal proceedings already delaying at least two of the scheduled executions. Now it appears a third will be delayed, but one man likely will die within 19 minutes. He may be dead by the … Read More The Harsher Penalty

When the Bad Defines Us

I finally got in for my long-overdue eye exam on Monday, and was disappointed when I learned the office manager, Corinna*, no longer worked there. “Corinna hasn’t been here since October,” the new manager told me, with pursed lips. “I’m sorry to hear that,” I said, “but happy to meet you.” The latter statement was a moment of graciousness. I really would have preferred … Read More When the Bad Defines Us


The Least Among You

Suppose you met someone who told you she just got out of prison for terroristic threatening. What would you think? This woman in front of you is well-groomed, dressed fashionably yet somewhat conservatively, certainly doesn’t have a prison-tough look or demeanor and timidly is talking about her seemingly impossible search for work. Turns out, you’ll discover, she went to prison because she threatened her … Read More The Least Among You

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