If You Are Burdened…

Many of you have already seen this post, but it’s worth reblogging. Four years ago we lost fashion designer Kate Spade to suicide, and since then many others have also taken their lives. It’s Suicide Prevention Month, and I want you to know, help is available if you are suicidal or in crisis.

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I loved my Kate Spade handbag.

It was practical and stylish, two words common to describing her designs. I was lucky — I got it half-off, something the snide sales person had no problem disdainfully pointing out when I paid for it (a story for another day). Never mind him. I had my Kate Spade handbag.

I carried it for years, until the wear and tear made it too embarassing to use any more. That’s my sole connection to Kate Spade. But when I heard about her death today, I was moved to tears. The story is coming out that she committed suicide, and that breaks my heart.

A friend who was at one time suicidal described to me what she felt in this way:

“It was like there was weight on my body, an outside pressure that made it hard to breathe. All the sorrow and pain I’d felt…

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