ten things I’ve learned along the way

Random lessons…some of it wisdom shared from others…

Obviously, not a comprehensive list of what life (and my dad) has taught me, but here are ten thoughts:

  • Whether times are good or times are bad, they always change.
  • Listen when someone you respect tells you another person is not to be trusted.
  • Every generation thinks they invented sex and swearing.
  • You cannot save the world, so choose your obligations wisely.
  • Life is better with a loving pet, and the most loving pets are rescued animals.
  • Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day.
  • It’s wrong to always need to be right. You wear people out, lose friends and anger those forced to be around you.
  • You are known by the company you keep.
  • Quality, classic clothing is worth the extra money. It lasts longer, looks better and is more honorable for worldwide humanitarian reasons.
  • No one wants to listen to you do all the talking, no matter how fascinating you think you are. They would rather talk about themselves.

sing to me a lifetime song lr

Image Credit: (hourglass) © kuzmafoto – DollarPhotoClub.com; (sky background) © Pakhnyushchyy – DollarPhotoClub.com

18 Replies to “ten things I’ve learned along the way”

    1. So do I, and I used to agonize over all the pain out there. Then I discovered I could truly help some people by focusing my efforts and energies on specific causes, and allowing others to dedicate themselves to their own projects. It’s not that I don’t support others, but I only have so many resources!

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    1. I’ve been learning more & more about the current clothing trend — I forget what it’s called, “fast” clothing or something like that — basically cheap clothing that is manufactured overseas in terrible conditions. Most recently I saw a news report on “Nightline.” I encourage you to look into it as it’s really disturbing.


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