OM Heavens

Oh, heavens. I’m a bit embarrassed at how dependent I’ve become on my computer, and really mortified at how excited I am to be getting a new laptop soon. I’m lucky, I’ve gotten some extra work lately, plus my brother is helping me with the financing.

I may be less excited when I actually get this laptop. It’s only a 14″ screen, and I’m used to much larger. But I think I’ll get over that very quickly. Lots fewer cords — oh my!

This reminds me of a book my teacher read to us in maybe first grade. It was about a little boy whose entire house was automated — the stairs, the doors, the hallway, you didn’t do anything. It was all done for you. Until the day the electricity went out. Poor boy had to learn how to walk, pour a glass of water,  even call out for his mom. He was helpless.


I’m not quite helpless, but I’ve had to rethink a few things. Like this blogging stuff! It’s definitely different on a smartphone. You’ll have to excuse the unedited nature of this post.

The new laptop arrives next Thursday. Patience…. 

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25 Replies to “OM Heavens”

  1. Ooh, exciting. I always think new gadgets are exciting. Just been away for a few days though and had no internet connection at all. Didn’t miss it one bit despite spending far too much time online every day at home. Back now and trying to limit myself to just an hour or so in the evenings, hope I can keep it up.

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  2. Your post seemed fine – I’m actually in awe of you posting from your smartphone because you are so ahead of me with that. I don’t see you as helpless as you implied. I can’t imagine texting and correcting etc, so I’m impressed!!
    You are going to love your new computer. Of course, there are might be some hurdles if you have to transfer data and replace programs with changes etc. I’ll look forward to hearing how it goes.

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    1. Yeah, I’ll have to download some programs and a few other things
      Fortunately I use a couple of cloud services to save most of my files. I don’t think I lost anything!!!! And I was able to download Netflix on my smartphone. Yahoo!!!

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  3. Love it! We are not too old to get excited about new things. I would like to get a laptop as well. Holding out for a Mac though. Expensive. Looking forward to my new camera as well. My birthday is in October. Hopefully my purchase goals will be achieved by then. In the meantime, enjoy. I am happy for you.

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    1. Yeah, the video didn’t upload, so I deleted it. At least it didn’t upload on my phone or my friend’s computer. Thank you for letting me know! I’m giving up on these phone posts and waiting for the real thing, I think.


  4. I remember being excited about getting a new washing machine. It’s like an induction to adulthood to be excited over something so necessary. And in today’s world you can function without a computer but it would be a tremendous challenge. Have fun with it.

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    1. I’d be excited about a new washing machine! One that worked properly! Oh well. A computer is more exciting, especially after the troubles I’d been having with the old one. Maybe this one won’t get stuck as often!

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