None But the Brave — so that means none

Walter and Mimi gave it another go today, and got remarkably close before giving in to their fears. It’s only a matter of time before curiosity is the stronger force. For their part, pups Lulu and Allie are, in canine terms, being gracious hosts.

5 Replies to “None But the Brave — so that means none”

    1. They keep going back. I don’t know if they’re hoping the dogs will be gone “next time” or if they’re getting braver. Or if they’re getting bored with their own environment!


  1. Oh that’s so funny! And you are so right, once Walter & Mimi realize that Lulu and Allie are pushovers…it’s all over!! I’m surprised that they are afraid of the dogs…I saw that little bit of attitude try to come forward from the one on the upper step before scrambling down them. hee hee… thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  2. Let the dogs be warned. My two Jack Russells were given a lesson in manners by our Tom cat not so long ago. A lesson they have never forgotten.
    Hopefully, you are there to see the day your cats take over; it will be a to behold.

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