It’s a Mess but It Feels Like Home

It actually looks worse today, even though more stuff is put away.

The kitties are still confused and conflicted about the new place. They stay downstairs in the bedroom, with all its familiar furniture and a bed they can hide under. Every great once and awhile they venture out. I know when they’ve started because Walter will cry and cry. He hasn’t gotten used to all this space yet!

Mimi has been remarkably quiet and low-key since being released from the cat carrier (she wasn’t so low-key when we were loading her in, but we all survived).

I’ll be back to my regular posting soon! Thank you all for your loyalty. I’ll also get back to taking a peek at all of your posts, too. Looking forward to a normal routine!

13 Replies to “It’s a Mess but It Feels Like Home”

  1. I feel like I’m part of your life. I love the descriptions and am excited for those kitties when they start exploring and romping around. It’s fun imagining them finding their courage. So glad you’re settling in, Belinda.

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  2. Your new place looks wonderful (even with the mess!) Good luck with getting everything in place…have fun & don’t pressure yourself. Making a new home should be enjoyable, as well as memorable!

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