Fashion’s Foolish Rules — and Why I Follow This One

I used to wear dresses all the time. Not just when I was in grade school and it was required (yes, even in public school), but in my late 20s and early 30s when I just plain preferred it. I had some beautiful clothes, and worked a second job so I could keep up with the self-imposed demands of my wardrobe.

I had it all, the shoes, jewelry, scarves, whatever was required to dress for success, whatever I may have perceived that success to be. Today, sadly, my wardrobe holds few dresses, and I rarely wear them. Why? Pantyhose. They aren’t allowed anymore, and my legs fail the test without them.

They are pasty-pale, distracting and unpleasant to look at without proper cover, however sheer it may be. Yes, there are tanning products, but they are either too expensive or so incredibly time-consuming. To wear a dress on Sunday, I need to start preparing on Friday, or even Thursday, to ensure my legs are presentable. That takes too much effort.

This dress absolutely requires a black pair of nylons, right?

The only way I can get away with pantyhose is if I’m wearing a black pair. Then it looks like a style statement (and darn it, it is) and not the outdated fashion decision it apparently really has become.

To those of you who say, “who cares what you think your legs look like? Go ahead! Be a real woman and defy common sensibilities!” or “who cares if you wear pantyhose? Wear them anyhow!” I respond with this: my legs deserve better. So do I. Whoever made the decision to turn pantyhose into an outdated fashion accessory, go jump in the lake. That was a mean thing to do to those of who don’t fare well bare-legged.

This linen suit — circa 1987 — had everything — including some lace tights and light grey shoes.

I’m just thankful this turn in the fashion world didn’t take place 20 or 30 years ago. Then, it was considered unprofessional at work and a tad too casual for nice dresses anywhere else. And seriously, I’ve seen plenty of women who maybe should defy today’s fashion rules and slip on a pair of nylons.

So today I wear pants more often than not, and sigh when I look at the dresses. Of course these four-inch heels aren’t too appealing either. Whatever happened to fashionable low heels?

Photo Credit: © Klemen Petrič – Fotolia

20 Replies to “Fashion’s Foolish Rules — and Why I Follow This One”

  1. You look fashionable to me so follow your own style and be a fashion leader 🙂 I do not care for the bare legs look with dresses, I think it is too casual.

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  2. You look beautiful, Belinda! I love seeing your old pictures. I haven’t worn dresses in a long time – I guess I wasn’t that comfortable in them and my truth was that I hated wearing pantyhose. They would tear so easily, sometimes just when I put them on.
    I am laughing knowing how unfashionable I am. I didn’t even know pantyhose are out of style! Yikes. 🙂
    I’m into comfort. But I do love the idea of having a makeover someday!

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  3. My daughter doesn’t tan because she doesn’t want the ugly age spots like I have but she also doesn’t wear nylons. She uses a tanning team which washes off. It looks completely natural. But if you want to wear nylons, wear them. Go by your own rules.

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  4. I absolutely could not have predicted that bare legs and super high heels would ever become a thing! I’m not prude either, but stockings always kinda accentuated whatever you had on, or so I thought.

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      1. You made a lovely job of it. I think if your heart aches for stockings, wear them. The young-uns wear anything these days – good for them! I live in a conservative part of England but I still wear big flowers in my hair or my spotty hat or colourful boots. Life is too short 🙂

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