Let It Snow!

I lived in Minnesota long enough to find snow annoying, dreary and burdensome. And I’ve lived in Arkansas long enough to appreciate the northern states’ prompt and thorough response to winter weather. To make my point clear, it’s a lot easier to get — and stay — snowed in when you’re living in southern states.

But I love winter weather. I’ve said it before, but on this day when my car doors were nearly frozen shut as I helped a neighbor get ready for Christmas, I am compelled to say it again. Some of you wondered back in November when I was griping about the endless warm weather if I’d truly be happy when the temperatures dropped. Tonight we’re hitting single digits.

I’m happy.

Wondering, as I am so emphatic, just what it is that makes this miserable weather so desireable.

I confess I’m halfway hoping I’m snowed or iced in tomorrow so I can justify staying home and knitting, reading and snuggling with the cats. I have plenty of cat food, Oreos and Diet Coke, as well as more nutritious food and a shelf full of books I’ve been dying to dig into, all while wrapped up in a cozy quilt.

This is a challenging time for me, and I’m a bit stressed about the next few weeks. For whatever reason, snow is a comfort to me today.

So let it snow.

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9 Replies to “Let It Snow!”

  1. Our weather here in sunny FL cannot figure out what to do. Last week we were in the 40’s over night. Today I was in flip flops and short sleeves. Tomorrow down to the low 40’s again. I am so surprised we all don’t get the flu with this constant weather change!

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  2. I completely understand why you love getting snowed in. But here’s another take on it for me.
    I’d love it if you didn’t require cold weather to “justify” snuggling under a quilt with a good book. Give yourself permission to enjoy life and indulge in these comforts even when it isn’t cold outside. 🙂

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  3. I too have lived in weather extremes. The frozen Midwest of Minnesota and Iowa and the desert southwest of Nevada and then central south in Texas. I always tell people I don’t like winter in April or summer in October.
    I, too, love a fresh blanket of snow. I think it’s because it temporarily makes everything look perfect. Here in central Texas we had a 55° temperature drop overnight. 78° yesterday and 23° before windchill this morning.
    Stay warm. Stay safe and have a Merry Christmas 🎄

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    1. You too, Dede. I have a friend who was visiting family in Dallas this week and his flight was delayed due to weather. Okay, cancelled, actually. It may have been colder here but the extremes were less drastic, which helps keep things together!

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  4. Here’s my thoughts on snow…if it comes during Christmas-New Year I’m all for it. Helps keep me in the spirit of the Season. I enjoy it in Nov-Dec. Can’t get enough of it. Come mid-January however I’m good to go…go away snow. Now the cold weather I don’t look to chase away until mid-Feb or so. I’m a “seasons” guy and like a good slice of cold for awhile. Keeps you alive and alert. Snow and cold are a comfort for me. I just tend to be a tad picky about when they can visit…and how long they can stay!

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    1. You get more of it and for a longer period of time than I do! The biggest challenge for me is the area I live in doesn’t have the infrastructure to handle large amounts of snow, and you can be stuck at home for days if there’s substantial snowfall. I don’t think we’re going to have a white Christmas. I hear thunderstorms predicted, however!

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      1. We lived in Memphis (Collierville actually) for about eight months. Wildest weather we’ve ever seen. Thunderstorms at Thanksgiving and Christmas. A one-inch snow that shut down the city. Ice galore. I guess I needed a reminder of that…LET IT SNOW!

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