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Those Shiny Shoes, the Precious Dresses

It is, remarkably, back to school for children and teachers in my area tomorrow. That means football, fall leaves and best of all, sweater weather can’t be far behind. It also brings back one of my fondest memories of childhood, the annual school shopping trip with my mom. It was a day just for the two of us, where we’d head downtown to the … Read More Those Shiny Shoes, the Precious Dresses


Lessons Learned: A Belated Thank You

In sixth grade, in an effort to teach his students the importance of simplicity in writing, Mr. Dunton assigned each of us a famous saying, something we all were familiar with. We were told to re-write it, using unnecessarily complex language. Here’s what I came up with: “An overabundance of persons engaged in creating edible material taint the liquid in which meat, fish and … Read More Lessons Learned: A Belated Thank You


Is the plural Octopuses or Octopi?

When I was a child, we made frequent trips to the nearby aquarium. The first exhibit down one dark hall — a hall with few escapes — was the giant octopus (just how giant it was is today unclear, but at the time, I thought it was HUGE). Now, this was not a pretty creature (name the octopus that is) and it seemed to be … Read More Is the plural Octopuses or Octopi?


In My Little Town

I spent most of my growing-up years in the Bay Area of California, in a suburb of San Jose I won’t name for reasons you’ll note shortly. During the time I lived there, it was an eclectic little tourist town. It was also a place where respect was taught — in my high school — and practiced. When I was a sophomore in high … Read More In My Little Town

a world where magic happened

I have been blessed (or cursed) with a vivid imagination, and as a child my thoughts often took me to the world of the books I was reading — most often, the Little House books, of which I had a complete set, in hardback. Good thing, too, because I read and re-read those books so many times any paperback would have fallen apart, been … Read More a world where magic happened

back to school

This week the children in my area go back to school. Of course that brings back memories of my own school days. Kindergarten, when we all had bird stickers to identify the cubby where we hung up our jackets and placed our lunch boxes. (My bird was a Baltimore Oriole.) Lunch boxes, perhaps with Barbie or Mickey Mouse, their thermoses and the way they … Read More back to school

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