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Five Classic Films with Six (or Seven) Classic Moms

Here are some memorable — although not always admirable — moms in honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday. Most of these women are flawed, but doing their best, which is all we can ask from anyone, right? And admittedly, perfect moms often (but not always) make boring characters on screen. Still, for the most part, these women have their redeeming qualities. And a few are … Read More Five Classic Films with Six (or Seven) Classic Moms


Six — okay, Seven — Films that Remain Relevant

Here are six seven classic movies with messages that still resonate, with one or two seeming darn near prescient. Of course dozens of other films from the same era these were produced are as relevant, funny, touching or otherwise worth watching today. It should be noted all of these movies were made during the time the Production Code was firmly in place, making them conservative … Read More Six — okay, Seven — Films that Remain Relevant


Eight Classic Films You Should Know About

Here are eight films famous for either one line or one gesture — as well as being damn good movies. Wondering if it’s a compliment to call someone “Eve Harrington?” (Hint: it’s not). Where did the David Bowie “You Remind Me of A Babe” routine originate? And what does that little brush of the finger against the nose mean? Yes, this is blatant cross-promotion … Read More Eight Classic Films You Should Know About


Hollywood Legend Olivia de Havilland

If I live to see 100, let me live it like Olivia de Havilland, with class, humor…and in Paris. Miss de Havilland was one of the top actresses of her time, with a career that spanned decades. She gained the respect of audiences and colleagues alike. But she represented more than just glamour and success. Through the influence gained by her talent, she fought … Read More Hollywood Legend Olivia de Havilland

classic for a reason — tcm remembers

Beautiful tributes to those we lost in the past two years whose contributions to the film industry are treasured by millions. Turner Classic Movies does this with class. I’ve included both 2015 and 2014; if you can make it through last year’s (2014) without a tear you’re a stronger person than I am.  

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