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The Ideal(istic) Adult

Being thirty was about the best thing that ever happened to me. I’d set goals and achieved them, and the world seemed like a welcome place, with manifold glorious destinations. My mind was likely at its sharpest (although admittedly, I still had much to learn), I’ve probably never looked better, before or since, and I’d started to make some money. Not a lot, but … Read More The Ideal(istic) Adult


So Onward

I have an idea of what I want to do with my life, where I want to go and how I want to be in this world, but getting there is hard. I’ve had these thoughts before, and pursued my dream. While I may have achieved my goals, that didn’t ultimately bring me happiness. Still, time has taught me so much. It’s possible this … Read More So Onward


Leap, or sit still

I sit these days, frozen, waiting for events to transpire before my next move. I’m plotting that move, knowing I have only partial control over how it will unfold. I could get out there again and face the odds I faced before, with likely the same results. Nothing has changed that would make me think otherwise, which is why I’m waiting. In the meantime … Read More Leap, or sit still


Time and Tide

Every once in awhile there is a break from the agony of lonely days, the pain of endless nights. It might be the grumpy baby who looks at you and smiles. The friend who brings over some light bulbs she had in her closet; they don’t fit anything in her home, but would they work for that overhead fan you have? You’ve put off … Read More Time and Tide


Mission Accomplished (so stop trying to get it done)

I have a recurring dream…one I hear many people share with me. Or some variation of it. It’s the “education” dream, the one in which it’s finals weeks and you haven’t been to class all semester. (I think my first time through college, I may have actually lived that dream during my final term.) My dream is a little different. In it, I have once again … Read More Mission Accomplished (so stop trying to get it done)


The Last Book I’ll Ever Read

Never in a hundred, never in a thousand, never in a million years, would I read the story of my life, start to finish. For that matter, I don’t think I’d try to write it, start to now. In a good book, or at least a cheap paperback, the heroine (me) would rise above her misfortune and become an international success. That ain’t going … Read More The Last Book I’ll Ever Read

Quirky, Quality, Goofy

Once, in junior high, in that typical, foolish, heartbreaking way we all seem to have of discovering the truth about our true love’s feelings, my best friend asked the boy of my dreams if he liked me. “Well, kind of,” he said, “but she’s kind of, you know, different?” I was crushed. It was, after all, junior high, and I wanted to fit in. … Read More Quirky, Quality, Goofy

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