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Mission Accomplished (so stop trying to get it done)

I have a recurring dream…one I hear many people share with me. Or some variation of it. It’s the “education” dream, the one in which it’s finals weeks and you haven’t been to class all semester. (I think my first time through college, I may have actually lived that dream during my final term.) My dream is a little different. In it, I have once again … Read More Mission Accomplished (so stop trying to get it done)


The Last Book I’ll Ever Read

Never in a hundred, never in a thousand, never in a million years, would I read the story of my life, start to finish. For that matter, I don’t think I’d try to write it, start to now. In a good book, or at least a cheap paperback, the heroine (me) would rise above her misfortune and become an international success. That ain’t going … Read More The Last Book I’ll Ever Read

Quirky, Quality, Goofy

Once, in junior high, in that typical, foolish, heartbreaking way we all seem to have of discovering the truth about our true love’s feelings, my best friend asked the boy of my dreams if he liked me. “Well, kind of,” he said, “but she’s kind of, you know, different?” I was crushed. It was, after all, junior high, and I wanted to fit in. … Read More Quirky, Quality, Goofy


Tales of Wolves

About this time six years ago, I had a peculiar, eerie dream that shook me to the core. There was no clear message, no strange story to recount, but the imagery was so strong I looked it up in a book on the meaning of dreams. There were four elements to the dream, and I’m not clear on all of them anymore, but they … Read More Tales of Wolves


On the Balance, Fear is an Equal Weight

In July 1999, while in New York for my brother’s wedding, my aunt & I stopped to shop in the World Trade Center. She pushed for the $20 elevator ride to the top, but I balked. “I’m scared of heights,” I admitted. “I mean, it’s not like I think I’m going to fall off the building if we go up there, but I’d be too … Read More On the Balance, Fear is an Equal Weight


Treasure the Simple, Value the Complex

As I was unpacking for my second year of dorm life, the wife of one of my professors stopped by and peeked in to see how I was doing. She brought a dozen chocolate chip cookies, which I no doubt quickly devoured, and looked around with a smile. “I always get nostalgic when I see you kids unpack,” she said. “It reminds me of … Read More Treasure the Simple, Value the Complex

A Lifetime Search

Always the question with job hunting, “what am I capable of doing, and what will I enjoy doing?” We’re told to pursue our passion, to do what we love, but there are times when we must simply seek a job we can do well and be content with for a time, maybe a long time, and perhaps find the greater satisfaction elsewhere. If I … Read More A Lifetime Search

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