moving slowly

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”
― Confucius

I’ve been moving slowly for a very long time. But, I’ve been moving.

The clock dawdles, or so it seems, when you’re waiting for change. If you’re watching and waiting, it may be times are hard and you’re looking for a better situation. Something that makes you happy to wake up in the morning.

At times the challenges may be so overwhelming you need time to recuperate. Recovering from an unfamiliar and frightening situation can be difficult, to say the least. We seek safety and comfort first, and change second.

That’s what happened to me a few years ago. I found myself overwhelmed by circumstances over which I truly had no control. I wasn’t sure who my friends were, and out of fear they’d all deserted me, I avoided everyone.

Eventually things began to right themselves.

A close friend reached out to me and told me the truth about what others were thinking. It was good. I found new friends, a new job, and for the first time in 15 years, I bought a new car.

I learned something through all of this. Before we can truly move forward, we need a level of security. Simply finding that solid strength within ourselves can be moving forward, despite how a lack of change in circumstances may appear to others.

There were those in my life frustrated by my slow recovery. Thankfully, others recognized how lost I was and how much healing I really needed.

If you’re struggling,

sunrise in savanna_

whatever your situation, allow time to restore your energies, and forgive yourself for not bouncing back like a child’s punching toy clown. Some things aren’t meant to be rushed. The smallest step is enough.

When times are hard, our hope is in anticipation of a promising future. It’s there, waiting for us. Life works that way. Can I guarantee that for everyone? No, that’s not within my power. But it’s what I’ve seen in the lives of those closest to me, especially friends I’ve known for decades.

Every move forward, now matter how slow, is taking you where you want to go. And really, we don’t always know how far we’re going to have to go anyway. The next step may surprise us with unexpected joy.

Image Credit:(top) hourglass © Alexey Klementiev; sky © Pakhnyushchyy; lights © mehmetcanturkei; background © averroe — All, (Bottom) ©

2 Replies to “moving slowly”

  1. Reading your post I was thinking about when someone goes for an interview. After the interview there is naturally great anticipation on the person’s part to hear back about being hired. Folks start to fret as days go by and they don’t hear back…what’s taking so long…what are they doing…why haven’t they made a decision…am I going to hear back? Well…a number of things are potentially happening at the company. People who have to meet to discuss or even interview other candidates first are sick, on vacation, working on other projects, etc. Maybe another employee has just announced their intention to leave and priorities have now changed in the hiring process. The potential list of reasons “for delay” goes on and on. My point is the person interviewed is operating on a much different internal clock than the company is. In life…in general…one person or group’s priorities – for any number of reasons – often do not coincide with your own. Time moves slowly or quickly relative to individual or collective situations. People of Faith know outcomes and decisions and directions all often do not come as quickly as we would like. Patience is indeed a true virtue and we always have to understand time is quite relative. Yes, a day is twenty-four hours for all..but how quickly they pass is a mindset rather than a set, fixed speed.

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    1. I couldn’t say it any better. I love your example about job hunting. You never hear in the time frame you expect, even when they tell you they want to “fill the position as soon as possible” or “I’ll be making a decision by next week.” Life doesn’t always work on our schedule.

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