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Lost & Found & the True Culprit

It’s with immense relief I can say I finally found my lost pair of glasses. Ironically, they were very near to where I was long certain I’d find them, yet somehow I’d never looked in that particular odd spot. I finally pulled out a flashlight, and the extra amount of light did the trick. Most of the time I wear contact lenses, and the … Read More Lost & Found & the True Culprit


The Matter With Sports

Once, in a college class, I casually — or perhaps not so casually — made the comment that people could afford to get obsessed about sports because the games really don’t matter. It’s something you allow yourself to feel passionately about, knowing it isn’t going to change your life anymore than you allow it. Sports don’t matter? That shocked some of my classmates, disgusted others … Read More The Matter With Sports

How to Pretend You Care About Football

For those of you who’ve seen this post already, thank you for your loyalty! It’s been a year and a half since I first posted it, and some of you are still here! You may enjoy seeing it again, and for some of you, it’s new — and timely. Enjoy the game tomorrow! So you’ve been invited to a friend’s house to watch the … Read More How to Pretend You Care About Football

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