It’s My Birthday–and a few other things to celebrate

Today, January 21, is my birthday. I did a little research and found it’s also the birthday of Placido Domingo, Hakeem Olajuwon, Jill Eikenberry, Geena Davis, Benny Hill, Charlotte Ross and Telly Savalas. Not to forget Ethan Allen, the American Revolution fighter who helped found Vermont, Stonewall Jackson, Confederate general, Rasputin, mystical adviser in the court of Czar Nicholas II of Russia and Christian Dior, French fashion designer. Plus numerous other people I’m less familiar with.

AdobeStock_241373127 smallIt’s also Squirrel Appreciation Day. Now, I don’t mind squirrels, and my cats love watching them. I certainly don’t want to run over any. But actually appreciating them? I looked it up and while there was a bit of information about the species, there was nothing telling me the why375px-Rocket_J._Squirrel of the celebration, unless it’s a general appreciation of wildlife. I get that. Or appreciation of Rocket J. (aka Rocky) Squirrel.

AdobeStock_399788441 smallMore importantly, perhaps, than squirrels, it’s National Hug Day. No need to justify the raison d’être for that one. These days, what with the pandemic and all, many of us are falling short of our usual hug quota. But consider reaching out and giving a “virtual hug” to someone who could use a little pick-me-up. How that virtual hug manifests itself is up to you.

Granola bar with nuts, fruit and berries on white.AdobeStock_70508848 [Converted]It’s also National Granola Bar Day. In lieu of birthday cake, we can all have a granola bar together. But let’s not overindulge, as this year, January 21 is Women’s Healthy Weight Day (Thursday of the third full week in January).

Plenty to celebrate today, but the biggest reason of all for me is, gosh darn it, it’s my birthday!

Birthday cupcakes

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A Good Time Ahead

There’s a lot happening this weekend.

It’s been a year (is that all?) with our current president. I’m with the majority of Americans, embarrassed by and weary of him. The news is full of analysis of his time in office, and it’s a little overwhelming. Enough said on my part.

On the exciting side of things (for some of us, at least), the NFL playoffs are this weekend, and my beloved Vikings are on fire. Could last Sunday’s game be any more exciting? I knew it was a good match — New Orleans is an incredible team — and I believed, right up to the final seconds, the Vikes would win. And indeed, it was during those final ten seconds when they pulled it off.

I don’t expect the same kind of excitement this Sunday, but I hope for a good game (ultimately defined by who wins).

I’m waiting for some news that could change so much for me, but more on that when it actually happens.

And, Sunday is my birthday!! Not only is it MY birthday, but two of my co-workers are due any day now. I’ve become friends with one of them, and would love it if her son was born on Sunday.

I haven’t been a good blogger lately. Other things have been pulling at my time, and by the time I get to my blog, I’m spent. I’ve missed out on so many of your posts as well, and I apologize. I hope to catch up soon.

Here’s to the coming weekend. Oh, I forgot, I get my hair trimmed tomorrow — always a good feeling. It’s going to be a good couple of days.

Go Vikings!

sentence JAN 21 written with chalkboard on a wooden table with t

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Let’s Face It

We’ve all seen them, men and women alike, who one day appear ten years older than they did a month before, and the reason is obvious.

The tell-tale curve at the corner of the lips, the eyes that just aren’t sitting right. I’m as vain as the next person, well, probably smack dab in the middle of that scale, but what I’ve seen tells me to stick with the face I’ve been given, as much as I may think it’s betraying me at times.

That betrayal goes both ways, and it’s more costly when it comes from my brain.

Me & Bobby Feb 1996I was getting carded well into my 40s (which embarrassed the bejeebers out of my then-boyfriend, something I always appreciated about him) and looking at this picture, taken when I was 36, I can kind of see why. The little guy sitting next to me, my cousin Bobby,  just graduated from college, by the way.

I’ve still got an advantage. I continue to look younger than I actually am (although the gap seems to be narrowing), which makes disavowing plastic surgery seem easier.

(She says as she writes this post between Googling the latest procedures available — and their cost. Anything that comes with a potential $500 discount if you call today! is so far out of any price range I can dream of I may as well…stick with the over-the-counter lotions and such.)

Of course I don’t have a career that depends on youth and good looks, so I’m not as susceptible to that trap of false hope. But I have to wonder. When Britney Spears looks in the mirror (oops! that name slipped out!), does she realize she looks 45?

Hopefully, so do I. Look 45, that is.

Indulge me. It was my birthday two days ago, and due to health issues in my family, I was kind of overlooked. So I’m feeling sorry for myself, looking at signs of aging in the mirror, taking selfies until I get one that is JUST RIGHT and sitting home watching romcoms with my cats. WAAAHH.
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