Let’s Face It

We’ve all seen them, men and women alike, who one day appear ten years older than they did a month before, and the reason is obvious.

The tell-tale curve at the corner of the lips, the eyes that just aren’t sitting right. I’m as vain as the next person, well, probably smack dab in the middle of that scale, but what I’ve seen tells me to stick with the face I’ve been given, as much as I may think it’s betraying me at times.

That betrayal goes both ways, and it’s more costly when it comes from my brain.

Me & Bobby Feb 1996I was getting carded well into my 40s (which embarrassed the bejeebers out of my then-boyfriend, something I always appreciated about him) and looking at this picture, taken when I was 36, I can kind of see why. The little guy sitting next to me, my cousin Bobby,Β  just graduated from college, by the way.

I’ve still got an advantage. I continue to look younger than I actually am (although the gap seems to be narrowing), which makes disavowing plastic surgery seem easier.

(She says as she writes this post between Googling the latest procedures available — and their cost. Anything that comes with a potential $500 discount if you call today! is so far out of any price range I can dream of I may as well…stick with the over-the-counter lotions and such.)

Of course I don’t have a career that depends on youth and good looks, so I’m not as susceptible to that trap of false hope. But I have to wonder. When Britney Spears looks in the mirror (oops! that name slipped out!), does she realize she looks 45?

Hopefully, so do I. Look 45, that is.

Indulge me. It was my birthday two days ago, and due to health issues in my family, I was kind of overlooked. So I’m feeling sorry for myself, looking at signs of aging in the mirror, taking selfies until I get one that is JUST RIGHT and sitting home watching romcoms with my cats. WAAAHH.

21 Replies to “Let’s Face It”

  1. Happy birthday. Your comment about it being overlooked made me think of my childhood. My birthday occurred on what traditionally was always Memorial Day weekend so the family would have a picnic…and as an aside…”oh, it’s Bruce’s birthday party also.” Gee, thanks. The focus was on anything but me turning another year older. I am impressed with your ability to be continually carded. That’s not a (birthday) gift afforded all. Remember you’re not getting older, you’re getting wiser! As for Britney, I can’t say if she’s any smarter…

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    1. I haven’t been carded in a very, very long time, and in all fairness it was when the “we card anyone who appears to be under 30” rule was shown. Sorry your birthday got thrown in with the grill! Oh well. I’ve resigned myself to aging. I think.

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  2. Happy birthday, Belinda. When I turned 40 last year I kind of resigned to looking 40 πŸ˜€ I’ve decided that I would let my failures and successes show on my face… They shaped me πŸ™‚ You didn’t look a day over 30 in the photo! We are still young in spirit, though. Love and blessings to you. ❀️

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    1. Well, the photo is 20 years old, so I certainly look more than a day over 30 now. But people still express surprise at my age. I’ll take it. I confess to taking a selfie last Sunday and being startled at how much older (I thought) I looked. Bummer.

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  3. When I was 43, I went grocery shopping with my eldest son who was 23 at the time and someone commented that we made such a beautiful couple!! Nearly 20 years later, my hair is now completely white (a family gene) and I’m sagging, but I’m ok with it. You have to do what makes you happy because that’s where happiness starts – inside of your own self!

    By the way, Happy Belated Birthday!! πŸ˜€

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    1. I’m more and more okay with the whole “aging gracefully” thing the older I get. I truly don’t want plastic surgery, but for some people it is the right decision and does have positive results. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

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  4. Happy birthday to you!!! I so enjoyed your post. I am a few years older than you but I look much younger. Some days that is good but some days it is not so good πŸ™‚

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    1. I’m getting less and less concerned — until those days when there’s a dramatic difference! If it’s gradual naturally I adjust a little easier. I still like having my birthday remembered, though. Glad to see you again!!!!


  5. Happy belated birthday wishes, Can’t you maybe throw a ‘belated birthday bash’ of your own, this week? It is your life, and birthdays are important parts of each year. They should never go by without a fuss of some sort. To get you started… πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ’πŸŽ‚πŸŽ

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    1. My family didn’t completely ignore me, I need to give them credit, but they were distracted by some pretty serious stuff. I ate a birthday pie all by myself (hey, it took me ten days) and I’ll guilt some friends into doing something for me! That’s not fair — they’ll want to do it.

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      1. Haha, yes do. Ah ok, sounds a bit better than what I thought. And you ate the pie (good for you), I would too. I still am slowly finishing off a mega box of really good chocs I was given by a fave uncle (on my husband’s side) over Christmas. Then I wonder why the scales is not dropping, haha… But they are so good!

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