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A Year Later

Hard to believe it’s been a year. Last year on this day, at about this time, I got a text from my friend Laurie letting me know her brother, Monte, had died. We’d been expecting this news; he’d been battling cancer for several years. His treatment had been compromised in the beginning because he developed an infection after surgery, and eventually, it was evident … Read More A Year Later


Chance Encounter

Today, I planned to meet a friend for lunch. She works in the courthouse building, and I scrambled to get there at the appointed time. Just as I was getting on the elevator, only moments from her office, I received a text. She couldn’t make it today. I barely noticed the young woman who graciously allowed me to enter the elevator first. I asked … Read More Chance Encounter


Tales of Wolves

About this time six years ago, I had a peculiar, eerie dream that shook me to the core. There was no clear message, no strange story to recount, but the imagery was so strong I looked it up in a book on the meaning of dreams. There were four elements to the dream, and I’m not clear on all of them anymore, but they … Read More Tales of Wolves

Quote Challenge Day Three! “This Is My Father’s World”

This is my Father’s world. O let me ne’er forget that though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet. I came across this draft from last fall… Oops, look like I never posted Quote Three! However, it remains relevant. About the Quote Challenge (you’re invited!): Thank you, Dede, for including me in this challenge. I encourage anyone who’s looking for hope in challenging … Read More Quote Challenge Day Three! “This Is My Father’s World”


Everything in its Time…

…but I hope that time is soon. I’ve written about one of my best friends here in the past before. Laurie has been through a series of heartbreaks in the last few years, but it looks like things are turning around. Fingers crossed, knock wood, please God. Please. Her husband has been through two major health setbacks, and I do mean major. He had … Read More Everything in its Time…

Choose Order

“If an infinite number of monkeys had an infinite number of typewriters, would one of them type ‘Hamlet’?” Probably not. Getting monkeys to sit at a typewriter isn’t easy, and an infinite number of them would provide a proportionate number of distractions. I found that question intriguing when it was first posed to me in high school, and now, I’m not sure of its … Read More Choose Order


The Perfect Time, the Perfect Space

In my last apartment, I longed for a second bedroom, an office and sewing room, with some space set aside for storage. Now I have just that, and I’m hardly using it. My living room has the perfect corner for one of my desks, so my laptop sits here most of the time. Downstairs (my new townhome is built on the side of a … Read More The Perfect Time, the Perfect Space

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