Cloud Talk

Today I was early for work, so I leaned back in my car and watched the clouds float by. It was a windy day and they were moving quickly.

Like Charlie Brown and friends, I sought images in the sky. First face I saw was a cameo-like profile of s woman. It morphed into the Grinch of Dr. Seuss fame, and then became nothing more than abstract poofs.

I moved on to the image of a mountain lion, and began to wonder if some legends of old found their start in cloud formations. I know the stars inspired some stories, but what about clouds?

What inspires stories, the tall tales or myths of today? We hear sometimes of odd prompts that influenced an author, songwriter or other artist. We don’t see the connection, but it’s there in the mind of the creator.

As for me, I watch the clouds float by and listen to hear what they might be saying.

Photo Credit: © Pakhnyushchyy – Fotolia

11 Replies to “Cloud Talk”

  1. What a beautiful metaphor of using clouds to inspire you, Belinda. I definitely understand about wanting more inspiration to write. I haven’t been doing much with my blog either. I do appreciate how writing erupts for me when I need it to. And although I wish I could draw it out at other times, I am thankful I have my musical passion to focus on.
    I just sometimes wonder if I’ve lost the mindset for writing. I’ve noticed a few “age related” changes and that possibility concerns me. So I try to ignore that!
    In the meantime, I tell myself that pressure isn’t helpful – so I let it go. I am glad you’re managing and hope the inspiration will hit you. Until then, sending a big hug!

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  2. I need to watch and listen, too, Belinda. I feel like the rug was pulled out from under me when WP stopped both the Daily Prompt and the Weekly Photo Challenge. Talk about going it alone…..this is not what I signed up for!

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      1. Someone else mentioned Pinterest, also. I am such a slug, Belinda. I like it here on WP and, honestly, have not a clue how to ‘move to another site.’ What are they talking about? 😀 I guess you’re stuck with me….

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  3. Thanks for this post. Fallow periods are part of the creative cycle. Rest and rejuvenate and mull and watch the clouds… Our culture is kind of obsessed with doing, with accomplishing, with making a mark. Sounds like you are BEING right now. There can be deep wisdom in that, too.

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  4. Also, much of nature is what inspires me to write. Humour too (sometimes it’s weird, or whacky, but wonderful in my mind) and different aspects of faith. Ordinary life events can feel extraordinary to me, so sometimes I am just journaling.
    I like WordPress but don’t spend enough time here, or writing, though writing anything everywhere (along with taking pictures) seems to take up a lot of my time.

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