“You study, study, study, and at the end, you are lucky enough to discover the greatest gift of education: that you know nothing at all.” — EJ Koh

I’ve heard this thought, expressed one hundred different ways, a thousand different times since I’ve left college. It rings true if you’re an honest student of your chosen profession, assuming, that is, your chosen profession requires any depth of knowledge for expertise.

keyYet there are those who never cease to set themselves up as ultimate experts. I know one man who relies on Wikipedia for all knowledge, and we laugh at his “degree” from the “university of Wikipedia.”

It’s not my intention to disparage the information you can find there, because I reference it myself frequently, but it’s not always balanced and is rarely complete. It doesn’t even claim to be. It is, after all, an encyclopedia, and that’s a center of knowledge best known for abstract pieces of truth that ultimately teach you nothing.

A quality education, therefore, is not what you learn, but how you learn it. The value comes from leaving not with a packet of notes, but a mind that discerns and questions. The source of your knowledge is not your textbooks or reference material provided by a single professor, but by the world of information available to you.

If I had only one course to take in college, it would be Logic, for that was the course that taught me to think and sort through the drudge and mire that surrounds so much of the information out there today.

A pile of information makes you an interesting, albeit limited, conversationalist. The ability to discern makes you a greater mind than most.

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11 Comments on “teach me to ponder

  1. “A pile of information makes you an interesting, albeit limited, conversationalist. The ability to discern makes you a greater mind than most.”
    Love it!

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  2. One of the words I “run” from is “expert.” I think not only is it overused but should never be used. So many people are trotted out as being “experts” in something. No such thing in my book…that’s my outlook.

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    • I agree, and if anything, the “expert” I would trust the most would be the one who also agrees! (I recognize a certain contradiction in that statement, but I think my point comes through.)

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  3. There is SO much knowledge to be learned and understood that I’m feeling so overwhelmed in college right now! Especially because I’m not crazy passionate about my major, either. :\

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    • It will get better! Focus on your classes.What I’m talking about comes after school 🙂 . Also, change your major if you’re not happy with it! (just a nickel’s worth of free advice!)


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