what the future holds

Years ago, fresh out of college and discouraged because I couldn’t find a job in my chosen field, I was debating accepting a lesser job, the kind of work I’d spent years pursuing my degree to get away from. I had been an “adult student,” someone who went back to school later than usual and took classes part-time instead of enjoying the luxury of being a full-time student (well, it seems like a luxury when your options are bit more challenging, as mine were).

Crossroad with signs of priority of passage

However, I needed to pay my bills, not to mention buy groceries. I was talking to a close friend about it and she said, “Take the job. We don’t know what the future holds.”

I’ve remembered those words ever since. I wish I could say that job ultimately led to a position with the best company ever, but it didn’t. Eventually, however, I did work somewhere I was able to fulfill my dream. More or less, because reality usually falls a little short.

Now the phrase has taken on a new meaning. I have multiple friends facing chronic, progressive or terminal illness, and they’re still young. Loved ones are frightened by the loss, emptiness and responsibility that lies ahead. Once again, I’ve come to realize, we don’t know what the future holds.

It is what it is, and will be nothing else than what it’s going to be. I fear what looms ahead for me, and I don’t even know yet what will happen. The challenge is something I’ll have to take on, though, because I will control what I can and accept what I can’t. It may take time to get there, but it is a road I’ve come to know well.

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  1. Kia ora Belinda! I wish you well on your journey – we can but keep smiling, enjoy every day, and be there for others in whatever way we can be. I too am at that junction of accepting a job that doesn’t fit the best job category. Despite my struggles along my road, I can relate to your comment about friends and families with chronic, potentially life threatening conditions. It puts everything into perspective. Keep smiling and carry on. Happy blogging! Samantha.

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      1. @belindao AWARD FREE I would like to nominate Belinda’s blog ‘Belinda O – What the Pen Reveals’ for the Blogger Recognition Award. Today I read What the Future Holds and have made a start on the Classic for a Reason movie reviews. After writing this I found out what the ‘Award Free’ icon on the homepage means, so I will post a comment anyway and respect you won’t join the blog train which I think I may now join for today only. https://samanthaw34.wordpress.com/2015/10/05/8-expanding-comments/

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        1. Thank you for the honor! I chose to go the “Award Free” route because I always get so nervous responding to the blog awards. I truly appreciate the friendships I make here, though, so again, thank you for the recognition. It has made my day 🙂

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