starry nights, sunny days, a little rain

When I ponder the future, I imagine it to be much like, and yet nothing resembling, the past.

Starry nights, sunny days, a little rain. The sun will rise, the sun will set, and the sun will rise again.

Crystal BallBeyond that, I haven’t got a clue. Well, a bit of a clue. I’ve watched my parents get older and see myself following in their footsteps. I’m likely to experience back problems like my mom and loss of hearing like my dad. My hair is already white underneath the expert coloring services of my stylist.

The physical changes are about the only things that seem predictable, and even those can surprise or downright shock me. While plenty of things remain in my control, many others do not, and most of the future is a mystery I can plan for yet never be totally prepared to deal with adequately.

The day-to-day likely will be much the same. It’s the split-second life-changing moments we can’t predict, that come hurling at us unseen and knock us over with such force we’re afraid to get back up. Some are wondrous, some disastrous. I’ve lived through a few of the disastrous days as well as the weeks & months that follow, and I’ve learned you survive them, battered, bruised, but intact.

The wondrous days can seem more fleeting, or perhaps their beauty is easier to recognize in retrospect. I don’t know. Maybe they’re taken for granted, or maybe I’m still catching my breath from the dark times when they’re rolling by. Whatever the case is, they do happen, and their memory sustains me.

Starry nights, sunny days, a little rain. I’m thankful for all of it.

Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other

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10 Replies to “starry nights, sunny days, a little rain”

  1. I admittedly have blinders on with regard to the future right now. Taking things one day at a time and trying to make the very best of each one afforded me. Finding it easier to deal with life by slowing it down to the short-term and not overthinking the long-term. That being said I like what you wrote and it gives me hope that I’ll be able to open up to contemplating the future on a return basis down the road. As for hair color…I turned bright white awhile back and while I know it’s supposed to be a “distinguished” look for men I just find that code for “old!”

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    1. I can’t spend too much time contemplating the future because the things that are certain aren’t the cheeriest…but I believe life holds all kinds of good things for me yet in the future. I just have no idea what, and I’m not going to spend too much time pondering the possible and missing what actually is. And hey, at least you still have hair! But I know what you mean about “distinguished.” I have more people tell me they think I should just go with the white because they think it looks so sophisticated. On one in ten women my age, maybe.

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      1. I like what you just said about not missing what actually is. Probably what I should have said earlier is I am living for today and living in the moment…don’t miss out on all the good stuff that way!

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