Keep Going

“If you are going through hell, keep going.”
― Winston S. Churchill

It hurts. It gets old. It’s a dull pain one day and a sharp pain the next. Getting through the bad times wears you down and shapes you at the same time. You can’t see your way out and you’re convinced it will never end.

I’ve been there, and it’s hard. There are those saying, get it together. And you think you should have more together than you do.

Several years ago I was the victim of a horrible injustice, the target of powerful people convinced of a truth that did not exist. It ruined my life, no doubt about it. I was in a shambles. There seemingly was no way out of my situation, no way around the binding realities.

Whatever my part had been in the events that led to my despair, it was disproportionate to the result. I didn’t know who my friends were, who I could trust and who trusted me. Who cared for me?

Little by little I came to realize that the people most important to me cared. Yes, I’d lost some friends who bought into the half-truths and manipulated stories, and there was nothing I could do about it. Some of those people were important to me, and I mourn the loss of their friendship to this day. But I had to move forward, and rely on those who proved themselves true and kind of character.

My family saved my life. If nothing else, these events brought me closer to all of them, and for that I am grateful.

As time went on, things changed. I got a job, one I’m good at with people who care about me like family. While I still live in a less than desirable apartment complex, I have a new car (well, it’s a year old now) that has given me the opportunity to visit my mom on several occasions, both for pleasure and to care for her when she needs it.

And the future doesn’t look quite as grim. There appear to be options that will end all of this when the time comes.

Are these good times? Actually, I’ll be disappointed if that turns out to be the truth. These are better times, and hopefully good times, joyous times lie ahead. But I don’t know. I’m content with what I have now.

I fear the return of bad times, likely not the same bad times but something else, before experiencing truly good times again. If that’s the case, so be it. I can only take what I’m given and seek what can be found.

For my friends who are suffering, it can last an eternity, I know. Some of what gets you out of the pain is your own spirit, some is good fortune and some is dumb luck. I have no magic formula. But believe in the future.

Keep going.

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13 Replies to “Keep Going”

  1. Winnie also said, “Never, ever, ever give up.” Justice shall prevail, Belinda. Maybe not when or how you expect it, but I truly believe the truth will come out. Stay strong, my friend.

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    1. Yes, I love that quote of his, too and almost used it instead. The poo hits for all of us and it’s up to each of us to determine who we want to me coming out of it. Thank you, and the same thoughts to you. I was thinking about you today. 🙂

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  2. Too true. People say take it one day at a time, but you need to know that when you look up, there will be light ahead. Not right now perhaps, but ahead. That faith, whatever you want to call it, will pull you through.

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  3. We’ll never understand all the bumpy roads we encounter but it’s all good. God is preparing you for your next level even though it’s hard to see while it’s happening. That set back was actually a set up for your next step. People and situations come in and out of our lives for a reason, if they left you, you don’t need them anymore. You wouldn’t be who you are today without that difficulty. Keep a good attitude and you will have good come your way. Doors open and close for a reason, trust it! 🙂

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    1. You’re absolutely right I wouldn’t be who I am today without this situation, and many, many good things have come from it. Life has its bad times, bottom line. It’s how we deal with them that shapes who we are. Thank you for your comment!

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  4. Thank God for family – so glad you had that support, Belinda. I’m so sorry for what you went through and I know it shaped you and you’ve found positives from it. Still, living with such constant pain and stress is one of the hardest things. With your journey, I’m glad it’s behind you now. It put you on a different path and the memory of it is there even if the pain has lessened. I relate to that so well. I love your heartfelt writing.

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  5. I hope those joyous days are just around the corner waiting for you!

    I lost my blog and I am starting over now. What is the link to your knitting blog?

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    1. I’m so glad you’re back!!!!!! I was worried about you and tried to contact you, but even your e-mail address was gone. My knitting blog is


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