Hey, Cupid! Over here! I SAID OVER HERE!

On occasion well-meaning friends will say, “I just don’t understand why you’ve never gotten married. You’re so blahdadeblah and blahblah!” Come to think of it, it’s almost always my newer friends who say this…hmmm…

Cupid's StruckWell, yes, I am all those things, but I’m also something else: really slow on the uptake. Always have been. I do not pick up on clues from or about men, and since I don’t, I’ve never had any experience in responding to them. My imagination doesn’t even go there.

I need a good wing man, but typically those who might fill that role are so stunned or amused by my oblivion they don’t step up.

I’ve been chatting with a really nice man at my church lately. Nice, good looking, successful. (You don’t know how remarkable it is I’m aware of all those things and their “value.”) Today, it’s quite possible he threw out the hook for going out to lunch after the service. I just stared at it. In all fairness, it’s been a long dry spell.

As he was walking away, I cried out inside. Bad enough I missed my chance, but it probably stung for him, and looked like rejection.

It wasn’t. It was sheer stupidity on my part.

This comes close on the heels of meeting a man who, as it happens, was also introduced to a friend of mine several months before (not for a set-up or anything, just in the course of the day). I mentioned to her I’d talked to him for a little while (it actually was a long while), and her eyes lit up.

“What?” I asked.

“He’s a good-looking man,” she said, with a raised eyebrow and knowing nod.

He is? I thought about it, and darn if she wasn’t right. Now, we all know the relative value of looks in a relationship, so it’s important to note this guy is pretty nice, too. Charming. I did notice that, although it had taken some time to register.

I had had plenty of time to flirt with him, but it’s just as well THAT didn’t happen. Like I said, those skills are not highly refined. I might end up looking like a sad character on a popular sitcom.

I have before. I know, we all have. But for most it ends up alright and another stage of relationship mortification begins.

It’s more likely than not I’ll never see that second man again, and I have no idea if the first man can be convinced it was me, not him. Sounds like a line.

So Cupid, a little extra help here. You’ve been doing pretty good, is it too much to ask for another chance with someone of the same ilk?

Hey, you little fat-cheeked pixie, don’t just fly away! Get back here! NOW! DAMMIT CUPID! Okay. Be that way.

Uh, yes, oblivion perhaps isn’t the only thing keeping the men away.

Cupid Take Aim
Wait, wait, before you shoot that arrow…must love cats!  I’m not giving up Walter and Mimi!



Image Credits: (Clouds) © Pakhnyushchyy – Fotolia; (Heart Background) © karandaev – Fotolia; (Cupids) © vectorartisfree.com

16 Replies to “Hey, Cupid! Over here! I SAID OVER HERE!”

  1. Okay, so Cupid took flight from my love life a few years ago. Haven’t seen hide nor hair of him in a while. I would like to say that since you are getting the opportunities, enjoy it. Accept a nice invitation to dinner or lunch with someone who is charming and handsome to boot! Girl, go for it. Then, let’s talk over coffee.

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    1. Ha ha a little prayer I clue in and get it together enough for an appropriate response. It wasn’t a direct question, which is the better approach with me, and I fumbled with the answer. But yes, a little spark would be nice!

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  2. Hey, don’t ever give up. He apparently wants to get to know you so just make it easy enough for him to want to see you again. Half the fun for the man is in the chase. Get him to like you and he WILL like your cats.

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  3. Hahahaha so he does take vacations sometimes this cupid, it is also really funny to learn that I am not the only person who is completely awkward when it comes to flirting and things…oh yes he must love cats…thanks for your story really loved it

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  4. I love your humor and honest writing – it’s adorable. But seriously, I believe the right person will step into your life someday. I totally get how the game playing is confusing. I can’t imagine you blew it – you are who you are. That is the beauty and sweetness of you.
    Looking forward to see who steps in and sweeps you off your feet someday!

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