Seek and Ye Shall Find…some kind of weird stuff

I imagine most, if not all, of my fellow WordPress bloggers check their stats on some sort of routine schedule, including the list of search terms that lead viewers to your site.

AdobeStock_109760634 [Converted]Now, for privacy reasons, Google and other search engines limit how much we can actually learn about those chosen words. Usually we get that vague and somewhat frustrating phrase, “unknown search term.” WHY WON’T YOU TELL ME? What privacy issue can you possibly be protecting? (Okay, yes, I can figure out some of that answer. Still…)

But sometimes a term or two gets through, and it can be disturbing. I had to look one up in the Urban Dictionary not long ago. My initial findings were encouraging: it was a much outdated, not particularly popular slang phrase from a limited number of neighborhoods on the other side of the country from me. So it can still be argued I’m not totally unaware of the world around me, I’m cool, I know the lingo.

AdobeStock_111371163 [Converted]Then I looked at definition #2. Oh my. Could they possibly have been looking for something about that and landed on my blog? Big disappointment, since I’m not quite that cool.

(Out of curiosity, I entered the same search terms, and my decidely unhip post came up #1 in my Google search. Sorry folks, I don’t know what you were looking for, but I do feel certain this wasn’t it.)

You’ve probably figured out by now I’m not revealing that search term in this post. We don’t need to taint the relative purity of this blog…but heck, try this one: “dreaming of selling underwear.”

I do not know where on my blog they landed, but Google claims they brought them here somewhere. I entered that search term, too, and had all kinds of mildly and moderately distasteful things pop up, but nothing from my blog. I checked the posts people visited the same day, and I still have no clue what the link was.

If you discover it, there is a prize for you. Not from me, but I’m sure the Universe would reward you (listen to me, speaking for the Universe).

Hands down, my favorite one is this: “Walter Kitty.” That’s my cat’s name, and someone searched it, undoubtedly for reasons unrelated to my sweet baby but, hey, Walter, you’re famous! The only way it could be better would be if they searched “The Secret Life of Walter Kitty” (with a tip of the hat to James Thurber).

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16 Replies to “Seek and Ye Shall Find…some kind of weird stuff”

  1. You know, strange as it might sound, I don’t check stats at all. I really don’t. I am always surprised as heck when we get that end of the year review that shows how many followers and how they were referred.

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    1. Even as I was writing that, I knew some people don’t. I find I care less about some things that once really mattered. Still, my stats tell me a lot of things that are good to know, like which posts people respond to more. What they don’t tell you is “a lot of people responded to that post because Belinda spent hours commenting on other posts, and blogging is a two-way interaction.” Or “she hit the nail on the head with her tags for that one.” I hadn’t looked at some of these search terms for a long time, though, and it was…weird.

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  2. What you wrote is something I’ve often found fascinating – and actually very humorous! I think I could write a comedic post of all those search terms.
    Thank you for sharing something that I believe a lot of bloggers have encountered!

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    1. I’m sure there are many crazy examples out there! I’ve wanted to write this post for awhile…the selling your underwear online thing finally did it. I have no idea what the connection there is!

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        1. Ha ha. I tried to think of a phrase I might have used that could also be paired with “dreaming of selling underwear,” and I’m choosing to believe it had to do with following your dreams. Until now, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned underwear on this blog…but the connections a search engine might make could lead us down a funny, frightening path!

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  3. Yeah I’ve seen some interesting search terms come up for mine too. Nothing too crazy – yet! But I do like to look at those every now and then, and I do keep an eye on likes and comments per post so I can keep my top 5 posts list up to date. Seems like new visitors enjoy checking those out so I keep that running for them. Marianne

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  4. I admire the fortitude of people who rarely check their stats. I look at them at least once a day. Sad, but true. But I love your search term, it’s evocative.

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    1. Oh, I don’t think it’s sad to check your stats regularly. It can be a very good tool for improving your blog. You put the info to great use with your post the other day.


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