Dream a Little, Then Dream Bigger

Life is getting better.

Path through a mysterious dark old forest in fog

A few years ago the future seemed bleak, unpromising and frightening. I tried to believe things would get better, but I couldn’t imagine how that could happen. I just had to believe, though, had to keep my faith in God. He knew the way out.

There was a point, perhaps the lowest, when I was so broke I couldn’t afford toilet paper, and I’d used the last roll. Even if I’d had the money, I didn’t have enough gas in my car to get to the store to buy it. It was December, and it was snowing. I walked two miles to the food bank, where they gave me a roll of toilet paper, and a few other things.

One roll, that was all they could give me. Normally they would have had more, but it was a bad month for many people.

These days you can bet I’m always well-stocked in toilet paper. It’s a thing with me. I get below a back-up supply of four rolls and I panic. I even have a spare “hidden” for emergencies. Thankfully, I have the income to buy as much toilet paper as I need. Which may not sound like much to you, but as God is my witness... (GWTW fans will get that last line).
Beacon in the Storm-1
A year ago, I wrote this post about finding a new home I could afford and getting a part-time job to supplement my current income. Well, yesterday that first part happened. I’ll be moving in two months to a townhome that offers so much more than where I’m living now, for an affordable amount each month. It’s — dare I say it — perfect. I’m holding my breath, it doesn’t seem real.

What’s more, I got another housesitting gig that will cover the cost of moving. Did I mention my current least is up at the end of August? The timing, for me and my new landlord, is perfect. I have to believe God has something to do with all of this. And yes, credit to my friend Deb, who negotiated the townhome deal for me, on her own initiative. After seeing where I was living, she wanted me to find someplace safe.

Life is a journey, and some stops are better than others. I know if I’m blessed to live long enough I’ll face hard times again, but I also know I’ll have gained wisdom to get through them. Wisdom, faith and God. Thank you, God, for all three, and for friends & family who care.

Image Credits: (forest path) ©denbelitsky — Bigstock.com; (lighthouse) © Sharon B — Bigstock.com

22 Replies to “Dream a Little, Then Dream Bigger”

  1. Having come through hard times, historic (financial) and recent (emotional), I am so moved by your post….I am so grateful that God has blessed you, and that you’ve blessed us by sharing your victories….and, by-the-by, I am all about the toilet paper (and paper towel) stock pile….you are wonderful and so inspiring….I am sooooooo happy for you! Having, recently, moved into our dream home, I can imagine how excited you must be….can’t say enough about how much I love this post 🙂

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      1. Oh, I’ve been there…and, it is never anything you forget….I don’t dwell on it, or revisit the memory in detailed Technicolor–but, it serves as a yard stick for how far I’ve come–and gives me a powerful appreciation for deliverance and blessings. Our dream home is not a mansion, but it might as well be–as I’m sure is true in your case:)

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  2. Toilet paper…I am with you on that. I mean, what if….??
    Belinda, I am so happy about the new home. I always think good things come to those who wait. I have learned to not push it with God. He always knows, not only when and where, but if. You got all three. The best news.

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  3. Wow Belinda that is so awesome!! Congratulations. I know how it feels to live someplace safe…my previous home was broken into 3 times!!! It’s a magnificent feeling to feel safe and secure and every day you feel blessed. I love your attitude, never give up…yes there will be bad times again but we know that they will end, we will make it through to an even brighter and better tomorrow!! I’m thrilled for you!! xo

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  4. I am so happy for you! This is great news that you so deserve. And if you ever get short on toilet paper, just let us know and your blog friends will send some to you 🙂

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  5. Belinda, this really touched me. I have a new appreciation for toilet paper after what you wrote! Those tough times define us and it’s apparent that out of this you’ve become much stronger, in addition to feeling grateful. It’s just so hard when things are tough to know that they will turn around – thankfully, they did for you. Very inspiring post!

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  6. I’m so happy for you! Enjoy your new home! How sweet of your friend to take the initiative to do something so great for you! It’s hard to stay positive when you are at a low point, but keeping the faith is essential. Have fun with this new venture!

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  7. Faith in God is never misplaced. No matter what we go through if we trust in God He will see us through. Thanks to everyone who agrees to be used by God to help other people. Your story is very encouraging. Thanks for sharing.

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