Christmas in August

One of the delightful aspects of moving is coming across items long hidden and much beloved. Years ago I made this miniature Christmas scene, and as long as my cats are playful, it will remain in its box. Those tiny pieces are toys to my kitties, and there’s no place (in my current home at least) where it would be safe from inquiring paws.

Christmas Miniature Scene
This scene was inspired by a similar piece my mom made when I was a child. She still has hers, and still adds to it from time to time. As I do to mine.

I’ve collected miniatures since I was a child, although admittedly in recent years my collection has remained boxed up. I haven’t added to it lately either. I have plans for more  scenes similar to this one, but again, with cats it’s hard to display anything. A shadow box would work for some things, but not everything. It might work for one idea I have though… hmmm….

Seeing this scene again, each piece with its own memory and special meaning, was a gift to me today. A gift I hope I’m able to display this holiday season. Happy things should be shared.


13 Replies to “Christmas in August”

  1. I don’t even like Christmas and certainly not in August, but what a lovely keepsake to find. It looks so warm and cosy in there and so much detail. Would it not fit in a glass display cabinet?

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    1. I was just thinking, I sound such a misery there with ‘I don’t like Christmas’. Just got to thinking if only Christmas’s were like the one depicted in your scene, sat around the fire with stockings hanging up maybe I might grow to love it again. It’s the commercialism that has made me grow to dislike it all so much.

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    2. It’s a little deep for any I’ve seen so far. It’s in a sort of display box now, but I put the “glass” on top instead of in front. Not that the cats wouldn’t get to it from the top! I’ve tried to come up with something for the front, but nothing has worked. Oh well. Maybe this year I’ll figure it out.

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  2. What a great post! I’m not fond of all the Christmas hype of commercialism but the Christmas nostalgia is awesome. Decorating, singing, family ties and bonding, warm fireplace with lit tree close by to reflect on all the many childhood ornaments and of course, the introduction to every upcoming New Year.

    Do I see a small Jack-in-the-Box on the far right? Awesome!

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    1. Yes, that’s a Jack-in-the-box, and like all the gifts in this scene, it has a special meaning. You captured the essence of my feelings about both the Christmas holiday and this scene. Thank you.


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