The Beauty Following the Beast

Moving is a beast. Eventually, there’s beauty. In my case, that takes some creativity, since my furniture is a hodge-podge of hand-me-downs, hand-made items, discount deals and my ever-beloved futon.

But I am nothing if not creative, and I have a beautiful view that makes anything look good. It’s so beautiful, in fact, I apparently don’t need curtains (although me being me, I want the damn curtains).

The living room is actually pretty well set up. As for the rest of the home, no pictures available or deep mortification would ensue…

A portion of the living room as of time of posting.

19 Replies to “The Beauty Following the Beast”

  1. Moving really is a beast! And, with my current challenge of getting into a stable living situation, my middle name could be “move,” Sandra Move Vercellono. Lol…the view is gorgeous though. Thanks for sharing. Have missed your posts. Hopeful that things are getting back on track and will keep in touch.

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  2. Life isn’t as beautiful when everything is matched. It’s most beautiful when it’s a kaleidoscope of color and experiences and things. My ex-in laws house always looked like a furniture showroom but it never felt warm and inviting. It didn’t seep love from its pores. My parents’ house is small and my mother has collected things over the years but everyone who comes here feels love the minute they walk through the door. I imagine from reading your posts you’re new home will overflow with joy and love.

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  3. Ah – I can think of other Disney movies that fit that picture above:
    “Spirited Away”
    “The Light in the Forest”
    It already looks homey and lovely. I’m so glad the “beast” is behind you – only good things will be ahead for you now!

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  4. What a fabulous view you have! I’m a born and bred Londoner – a real town mouse – but as I approach my 50th birthday, I am hankering to look at green stuff when I open my eyes in the morning and when I return home from a hard day’s work. I am envious of your beautiful scenery and if it were my outside view, I wouldn’t care a jot about the look of the inside!


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