Where Did You Go, My Sweet?

Call the authorities! The cinnamon rolls have vanished!


The other day I was bemoaning how quickly I’d eaten a fresh-baked batch of cinnamon rolls.

“That’s the problem with living alone,” I said forlornly to my friends as we sat knitting.

“No,” replied Heather, the sharpest of the assembled group, “that’s the privilege.”


11 Replies to “Where Did You Go, My Sweet?”

  1. This is a perfect example of “it’s all how you look at it.” I completely understand your side. I’ve felt that shame about overeating, too. But I’m sure those rolls were heavenly. Now that I’m dieting – I can only imagine them. 🙂

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  2. I almost expected to see chalk outlines on the plate where the rolls – albeit briefly – resided. Maybe some yellow tape marking off the table. This logic also applies if one is living with others but has lone access to rolls at any given time. What’s a person to do when left alone with these things? No crime in taking them (all) in…

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