Katydid–and died

As I was pulling out of the parking lot at the local Walmart today, I noticed this big, beautiful Katydid on my window.

bugOkay, beautiful is relative. I do not like bugs. No matter how remarkable they may be, down to the veins in their leaf-like wings. Or how tenacious.

This little guy hung on for the six-mile ride, with speeds at times of 50 mph, only to give out shortly after we arrived home (well, my home). Now his body lies on my car window.

It makes me sad to think of just brushing it off and tossing it on the pavement, or even throwing it in the garbage. I’m likely to drive off and let the carcass blow away.

But if one of these shows up inside my home, beware. The cats would be ecstatic. The. best. toy. ever.


4 Replies to “Katydid–and died”

    1. Can you imagine. Walter is very good at catching bugs. He can swat at a flying bug and scoop it into his mouth in one move. I can’t imagine they taste good!!


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